Lactoferrin: Natural – Multifunctional – Antimicrobial

Lactoferrin: Natural - Multifunctional - Antimicrobial Pdf

By A S Naidu

Lactoferrin: Natural – Multifunctional – Antimicrobial PDF Book. Illnesses resulting from foodborne pathogens occur at least 6 million times each year and cause an estimated 9,000 deaths. For decades, food microbiologists have developed various effective methods of food protection. However, the constant development of multi-facet food processing technologies and the emergence of potent foodborne pathogens, compromised the efficacy of many antimicrobial interventions. Most technologies also fail to address the problem of bacterial debris remaining on the food surface. Furthermore, some bacteria have the ability to develop resistance to antimicrobial interventions. All such factors contribute to the continuously growing concern of keeping our food safe. Lactoferrin: Natural o Multifunctional o Antimicrobial presents the scientific background on use of this naturally occurring microbial blocking agent as an effective food antimicrobial intervention.


Lactoferrin: Natural o Multifunctional o Antimicrobial details microbial blocking technology to protect foods from harmful microbes. Recently, researchers at the Center for Antimicrobial Research, California State Polytechnic University at Pomona found that lactoferrin, when activated, functions as a potent antimicrobial intervention. It protects food by removing harmful bacteria from the surface, and by starving bacteria before they can multiply and produce harmful toxins and it also prevents bacteria from re-attaching to food surfaces. As a result this substance has potential to help the agribusiness and food industry supply safer food products to consumers.


Studied for 50 years, lactoferrin is known to have many beneficial biological properties as an integral component of the mammalian innate defense system. Lactoferrin is a broad-spectrum antimicrobial known to inhibit proliferation of bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites. Some of its current applications include: dietary supplement, ingredient in infant formula, and a medical treatment to boost the immune system. Because lactoferrin occurs naturally in milk products, it has a long track record of being safely consumed by humans.

Convenient and affordable, lactoferrin could revolutionize the field of food antimicrobial science and technology and the way we protect ourselves from foodborne pathogens.

Table of Contents

1- Preface

2- Highlights: Activated Lactoferrin

3- Summary: Protecting Meat From Harmful Bacteria Questions and Answers

4- About the Principal Investigator

5- About the Institution

6- Third-Party References

7- Excerpts

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