Laboratory Medicine: Avian and Exotic Pets

Laboratory Medicine: Avian And Exotic Pets Pdf By Alan M. Fudge

By Alan M. Fudge

Laboratory Medicine: Avian and Exotic Pets PDF. Here’s the first reference devoted exclusively to laboratory testing for avian and exotic animals. 31 leading experts thoroughly describe how to select, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests for pet birds, common reptiles, rabbits, and ferrets. They also discuss pathophysiology, where appropriate, to help readers understand what various test results mean.

Table of Contents

SECTION ONE Avian Laboratory Medicine 

Avian Blood Sampling and Artifact Considerations

Avian Complete Blood Count

Disorders of Avian Leukocytes

Disorders of Avian Erythrocytes

Avian Hemostasis

Avian Liver and Gastrointestinal Testing

Avian Metabolic Disorders

Avian Renal Disorders

Avian Reproductive Disorders

Avian Endocrine Disorders

Avian Microbiology

Avian Chlamydial Diagnostics

Avian Viral Diagnostics

Avian Cytodiagnosis

Avian Surgical Pathology

Robert E. Schmidt
Avian Parasite Testing

Avian Immunologic Diagnosis

Avian Protein Disorders

Avian Toxicologic Diagnosis

SECTION TWO Reptilian Laboratory Medicine 

Reptilian Blood Sampling and Artifact Considerations

Reptilian Complete Blood Count

Disorders of Reptilian Leukocytes and Erythrocytes

Reptilian Liver and Gastrointestinal Testing

Reptilian Metabolic Disorders

Reptilian Renal and Reproductive Disease Diagnosis

Reptilian Microbiology

Reptilian Viral Diagnostics

Reptilian Surgical Pathology

Diagnosis of Reptilian Protozoal Infections

SECTION THREE Rabbit and Ferret Laboratory Medicine 

Rabbit and Ferret Sampling and Artifact Considerations

Ferret Hematology

Rabbit Hematology

Disorders of Rabbit and Ferret Bone Marrow

Rabbit and Ferret Hemostasis

Rabbit and Ferret Liver and Gastrointestinal Testing

Ferret Metabolic Testing

Rabbit and Ferret Renal Disease Diagnosis

Ferret and Rabbit Endocrine Disease Diagnosis

Rabbit Microbiology and Virology

Ferret Microbiology and Virology

Ferret Surgical Pathology

Rabbit Surgical Pathology

Rabbit and Ferret Parasite Testing

Quality Assurance in the Laboratory

Laboratory Reference Ranges for Selected Avian, Mammalian, and Reptilian Species

Laboratory Cases: Avian

Laboratory Cases: Reptilian

Laboratory Cases: Rabbit

Laboratory Cases: Ferret


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