Equine Clinical Pathology

Equine Clinical Pathology PDF

By Raquel M. Walton

Equine Clinical Pathology PDF is the first complete resource for hematology and clinical chemistry in horses. Encompassing the basic principles and advanced interpretation, the book’s single-species approach to pathology allows for focused coverage of the unique disease characteristics of equids. Equine Clinical Pathology is equally useful for anyone using clinical pathology as a diagnostic tool, from beginning student to experienced specialist.
The heart of the book is organized by body system, making it easy to find and apply information. Chapters cover general laboratory medicine, including instruments and techniques, hematology, and proteins as well as specific organs, such as the kidney and liver. Equine Clinical Pathology is a useful bench-side reference for anyone involved in laboratory medicine for the horse.

  • Presents a comprehensive reference for clinical pathology in horses
  • Offers an equal emphasis on hematology and clinical chemistry
  • Encompasses basic instrumentation and techniques to advanced interpretation
  • Provides thorough coverage of the unique disease characteristics in the horse
  • Uses a logical body system organization for ease of access

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Table of Contents

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1 General Laboratory Medicine

2 Equine Hematology

3 Immunohematology and Hemostasis

4 The Liver

5 Laboratory Evaluation of the Equine Renal System

6 Acid-Base and Electrolytes

7 Proteins

8 Laboratory Assessment of Lipid and Glucose Metabolism

9 Skeletal Muscle

10 Endocrine Evaluation

11 Fluid Analysis

12 Cytology of the Lower Respiratory Tract

13 Cerebrospinal Fluid


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