Internal Parasites of Dogs and Cats, Diagnostic Manual

Parasitology is a fascinating field, especially when exploring the intricate mechanisms by which parasites propagate. In the fast-paced veterinary clinic environment, the study of parasitology too often becomes routine and mundane—we simply perform yet another fecal examination and dutifully record the results.

This diagnostic manual is designed to be an informative source for the identification and exploration of internal parasites. To be of most benefit to veterinarians and technicians, the manual was designed to be convenient and easy to use. As you’ll see, the parasites described in this manual have been divided into two groups according to the material (i.e., feces or blood) tested for infection. Additional sections are devoted to pseudoparasites, parasite life cycles and practical, time-saving diagnostic procedures. In addition, you will find guidelines for parasite prevention in dogs and cats developed by the Companion Animal Parasite Council, plus a handy index.

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