Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds

Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds PDF

By Nancy J. Thomas, D. Bruce Hunter and Carter T. Atkinson

Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds PDF. Free-living birds encounter multiple health hazards brought on by viruses, bacteria, and fungi, some which in turn can significantly impact other animal populations and human health. Newly emerging diseases and new zoonotic forms of older diseases have brought increased global attention to the health of wild bird populations. Recognition and management of these diseases is a high priority for all those involved with wildlife.

Infectious Diseases of Wild Birds provides biologists, wildlife managers, wildlife and veterinary health professionals and students with the most comprehensive reference on infectious viral, bacterial and fungal diseases affecting wild birds. Bringing together contributions from an international team of experts, the book offers the most complete information on these diseases, their history, causative agents, significance and population impact. Focusing on more than just treatment, special emphasis is given to disease processes, recognition and epidemiology.

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Table of Contents
Viral Diseases.

Chapter 1: Newcastle Disease.

Chapter 2: Arbovirus.

Chapter 3: Avian Herpesviruses.

Chapter 4: Duck Plague.

Chapter 5: Avian Influenza.

Chapter 6: Avian Pox.

Chatper 7: Orthoreoviruses.

Chapter 8: Avian Adenoviruses.

Chapter 9: Circovirus.

Chapter 10: Papillomaviruses and Polyomaviruses.

Chapter 11: Retroviral Infections.

Bacterial and Fungal Diseases.

Chapter 12: Avian Cholera.

Chapter 13: Salmonellosis.

Chapter 14: Avian Tuberculosis.

Chatper 15: Avian Chlamydiosis.

Chapter 16: Mycoplasmosis.

Chapter 17: Erysipelas.

Chapter 18: Borrelia.

Chapter 19: Tularemia.

Chapter 20: Aspergillosis.


Chapter 21: Avian Botulism.

Chapter 22: Mycotoxicosis.

Chapter 23: Algal Biotoxins

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