Immunobiology of the Shark


Immunobiology of the Shark

Immunobiology Of The Shark

By Sylvia L. Smith, Robert B. Sim and Martin F. Flajnik

Immunobiology of the Shark Book PDF. Immunity studies in sharks over the past three decades have produced some remarkable discoveries. If one message rings true, it is that alternative animal model systems, such as sharks and their relatives, have contributed very substantially to a better understanding of the development evolution of our own immune system.

Immunobiology of the Shark describes the cellular, genetic, and molecular specifics of immune systems in sharks. Diverse approaches were employed to study the immunobiology of the shark from basic microscopic observations to detailed genome annotation. The book also raises a series of fascinating questions, which can be addressed experimentally using today’s technology.

This book will be a valuable resource for mainstream immunologists, comparative immunologists, geneticists, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and investigators engaged in shark research. The book also aims to illustrate the magnificence of these animals as model systems and underscores the importance of their study to further understand their complex, and often enigmatic, biology.

  • Covers all aspects of the shark immune system, including both innate and adaptive immune systems
  • Serves as a comprehensive, up-to-date review with comprehensive references from multiple disciplines in each chapter
  • Includes a comparative viewpoint with other animal systems where appropriate
  • Features color illustrations that make detailed understanding of complex cellular and molecular structures easier
  • Serves as an in-depth reference text for comparative immunologists, fish biologists, biomedical scientists interested in animal models other than terrestrial mammals, evolutionary and conservation biologists, and ecologists
Table of Contents

The Diversity and Natural History of Chondrichthyan Fishes.

Athena and the Evolution of Adaptive Immunity.

Shark Reproduction, Immune System Development and Maturation.

Sites of Immune Cell Production in Elasmobranch Fishes: Lymphomyeloid Tissues and Organs.

Elasmobranch Blood Cells.

Leukocyte Function in Elasmobranch Species: Phagocytosis, Chemotaxis, and Cytotoxicity. Cytokines of Cartilaginous Fish.

Shark Complement: Genes, Proteins and Function.

MHC Molecules of Cartilaginous Fishes.

Considering V(D)J Recombination in the Shark.

Shark Immunoglobulin Light Chains.

Shark T-Cell Receptors.

The Shark-Family (Cartilaginous Fish) Immunogenome.

In Vitro Culture of Elasmobranch Cells.

Antimicrobial Molecules of Sharks and Other Elasmobranchs: A Review.

Shark-Derived Immunomodulators.

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