Handbook on Poultry Diseases, 2nd Edition

Handbook on Poultry Diseases, 2nd Edition PDF

By Simon M. Shane

The purpose of the ASA Handbook on Poultry Diseases is to acquaint veterinarians and poultry health professionals with current information on the diagnosis and prevention of poultry disease in commercial broiler and egg production flocks in emerging and established industries. Productivity and profitability are enhanced by application of sound principles of biosecurity, vaccination, and management. Improving efficiency increases the availability of eggs and poultry meat to supply the protein needs of populations in countries with expanding demand.

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Table of Contents


Management, Nutrition and Biosecurity
1.0 Introduction

2.0 Economic Considerations in the Prevention and Control of Poultry Diseases

3.0 Health and Performance of Poultry in Tropical Climates

4.0 Prevention of Disease

5.0 Vaccination and Medication

6.0 Special Procedures Relating to Control of Diseases in Poultry Operations

7.0 Nutrition of Chickens and Dietary Deficiencies

Immunosuppressive Diseases

8.0 Marek’s Disease

9.0 Infectious Bursal Disease

10.0 Chicken Anemia

Respiratory Diseases

11.0 Newcastle Disease

12.0 Infectious Laryngotracheitis

13.0 Avian Influenza

14.0 Infectious Bronchitis

15.0 Mycoplasmosis

16.0 Coryza

17.0 Aspergillosis

Multifactorial Conditions

18.0 Swollen Head Syndrome

19.0 Septicemia and Airsacculitis

Systemic Diseases

20.0 Salmonellosis-Pullorum Disease

21.0 Salmonellosis-Fowl Typhoid

22.0 Salmonellosis-Paratyphoid

23.0 Pasteurellosis

24.0 Spirochetosis

25.0 Avian Encephalomyelitis

26.0 Adenoviral Infections

Enteric Diseases

28.0 Coccidiosis

29.0 Clostridial Enterotoxemia

30.0 Endoparasites

Locomotory Abnormalities

31.0 Skeletal Deformities and Arthritis

Integumentary Conditions

32.0 Avian Pox

33.0 Ectoparasites

34.0 Dermatomycosis

Miscellaneous Conditions

35.0 Mycotoxicoses

36.0 Leucocytozoonosis

Diseases of Waterfowl

37.0 Duck Viral Enteritis

38.0 Duck Viral Hepatitis

39.0 Duckling Septicemia

40.0 Chlamydiosis

41.0 Annexures

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