The Genetics of the Pig 2nd Edition

The Genetics of the Pig PDF

By Max Rothschild and Anatoly Ruvinsky

The Genetics of the Pig 2nd Edition PDF. The understanding of pig genetics and genomics has advanced significantly in recent years, creating fresh insights into biological processes. This comprehensive reference work discusses pig genetics and its integration with livestock management and production technology to improve performance. Fully updated throughout to reflect advances in the subject, this new edition also includes new information on genetic aspects of domestication, colour variation, genomics and pig breeds, with contributions from international experts active in the field.

Table of Contents

1: Systematics and Evolution of the Pig

2: Genetic Aspects of Pig Domestication

3: Molecular Genetics of Coat Colour Variation

4: Genetics of Morphological Traits and Inherited Disorders

5: Molecular Genetics

6: Immunogenetics

7: Cytogenetics and Chromosome Maps

8: Pig Genomics

9: Behaviour Genetics of the Domestic Pig

10: Biology and Genetics of Reproduction

11: Transgenics and Modern Reproductive Technologies

12: Developmental Genetics

13: Pig Genetic Resources

14: Genetics of Performance Traits

15: Genetics of Meat Quality and Carcass Traits

16: Genetic Improvement of the Pig

17: Pigs as a Model for Biomedical Sciences

18: Breeds of Pigs

19: Standard Genetic Nomenclature of the Pig, with Glossaries

20: Index

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