Essentials of Veterinary Histology and Embryology, 2nd Edition

Essentials Of Veterinary Histology And Embryology, 2Nd Edition

By Ranajit Kumar Ghosh

Essentials of Veterinary Histology and Embryology is being published considering the demand of the day particularly for the Under Graduate students in the field of Veterinary Science. The earlier book- “Essentials of Veterinary Embryology” written by the author in the year 2002 has been improved and merged with the freshly written text of Histology in this edition. The Histology portion has covered most of the basic tissues of various organ systems of the body along with sufficient illustration, diagrams and photomicrographs. Almost all the tissues which have been presented in the test were prepared by the author himself. Most of the photomicrographs have been printed with their original colors as appeared in stained slides.

The text has been written in easy and simple fonn and the diagrams of both Embryology and Histology portions have been colored to provide a user friendly appearance for studying this subject.

The information provided in this book although precise for Under Graduate education
but will surely be useful for Post Graduate students as well.

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