color atlas of veterinary histology pdf free download

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology, 2nd Edition

color atlas of veterinary histology pdf

By William J. Bacha , Linda M. Bacha

Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology PDF is One of The Best Veterinary Books Online. It offers some significant revisions designed to increase its usefulness for veterinary and veterinary technician students. These include:
expanded introductory text for each chapter;
expanded legends on a selective basis throughout the book;
views at higher magnification;
twenty new color figures;
detailed Glossary of Terms.

You’ll find all the features that made the first edition popular-and a lot more. The authors have incorporated many of your suggestions in the preparation of this edition, and the result is an even more useful atlas. You’ll find…

  • Chapter introductions and figure legends have been heavily edited to augment and clarify content.
  • A detailed glossary containing nearly 750 words.
  • More than 100 enlargements of selected color figures that increase perspective.
  • 13 new color figures have been added and four pen and ink figures have been redrawn.
  • All of the original Kodachrome slides have been rephotoraphed and re-labeled.

When you want a better visual presentation of histologic features in the tissues of domestic animals, reach for this improved edition of Color Atlas of Veterinary Histology.

Table of Contents

1 General Principles of Histology
2 Epithelium
3 Connective Tissue Proper and Embryonal Connective Tissue
4 Cartilage
5 Bone
6 Blood
7 Bone Marrow
8 Muscle
9 Nervous System
10 Cardiovascular System
11 Lymphatic System
12 Integument
13 Digestive System
14 Urinary System
15 Respiratory System
16 Endocrine System
17 Male Reproductive System
18 Female Reproductive System
19 The Eye
20 The Ear

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