Avian Embryology 2nd-Edition

Avian Embryology 2Nd-Edition

By Marianne Bronner-Fraser

Avian Embryology 2nd Edition PDF will continue to serve as the most complete and up-to-date guide to the use of the avian embryo in studies of vertebrate development. It will include new approaches to analysis of the chick genome, gene knock-out studies using RNA interference, morpholinos, and other cutting edge techniques. As with the original edition, emphasis has been placed on providing practical guidance, highlighting potentials and pitfalls of all key cell biological and embryological techniques.

  • Fully revised second edition
  • Organized into basic and advanced Methods
  • New section on Functional Genomics
Table of Contents



Part I: Embryological Microsurgery and Tissue Culture Methods

Chapter 1: Operations on Primitive Streak Stage Avian Embryos

Chapter 2: Quail-Chick Transplantations

Chapter 3: Other Chimeras: Quail-Duck and Mouse-Chick

Chapter 4: Manipulations of Neural Crest Cells or Their Migratory Pathways

Chapter 5: Embryo Slices and Strips: Guidance and Adhesion Assays in the Avian Embryo

Chapter 6: Neural Crest, Sensory Neuron, and Muscle Cultures

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