Diseases of Coral

By Cheryl M. Woodley, Craig A. Downs, Andrew W. Bruckner, James W. Porter and Sylvia B. Galloway

Diseases of Coral Book PDF. Coral disease is quickly becoming a crisis to the health and management of the world’s coral reefs. There is a great interest from many in preserving coral reefs. Unfortunately, the field of epizootiology is disorganized and lacks a standard vocabulary, methods, and diagnostic techniques, and tropical marine scientists are poorly trained in wildlife pathology, veterinary medicine, and epidemiology. Diseases of Coral will help to rectify this situation.

  • Coverage of all major coral diseases
  • Chapters written by leading experts in the field
  • 24-page color plate section
  • Valuable diagnostic reference with standardized descriptions of all diseases presented
  • Glossary of key terms
Table of Contents

Contributors, ix

Acknowledgements, xii

Editors’ Comment: Recent Changes in Coral Taxonomy, xiii

1 Introduction, 1
James W. Porter

2 Pathology, 4
Cheryl M. Woodley, Russell A. Harley, James H. Nicholson and Taylor L. Reynolds

3 Etiology, 16
Michael Thrusfield

4 Epidemiology, 28
Michael Thrusfield

5 History of Coral Disease Research, 52
Andrew W. Bruckner

6 Anatomy, 85
Esther C. Peters

7 Morphological, Physiological and Cytological Aspects of Reproduction in Scleractinian Corals, 108
Esti Kramarsky‐Winter

8 The Innate Immune System in Cnidarians, 125
Thomas C. G. Bosch and Philip Rosenstiel

9 Endocrine‐Like Signaling in Corals, 138
Ann M. Tarrant

10 Heterotrophic Nutrition of Tropical, Temperate and Deep‐Sea Corals, 150
Fanny Houlbrèque, Riccardo Rodolfo‐Metalpa and Christine Ferrier‐Pagès

11 Nervous System: Morphology and Physiology of Cnidarian Conducting Systems, 164
Gabriele Kass‐Simon and Linda A. Hufnagel

12 Physiology of Skeletogenesis in Scleractinian Coral, 192
Fuad A. Al‐Horani

13 Vibriosis, 206
Luba Arotsker and Ariel Kushmaro

14 Acroporid Serratiosis, 221
Kathryn Patterson Sutherland, Erin K. Lipp and James W. Porter

15 Aurantimonas coralicida—White Plague Type II, 231
Laurie L. Richardson

16 Aspergillosis of Caribbean Sea Fan Corals, Gorgonia spp., 236
Kiho Kim and Krystal Rypien

17 Mechanical Lesions and Corallivory, 242
Andrew W. Bruckner and Robin J. Bruckner

18 Coral Bleaching: The Roles of Sea Temperature and Solar Radiation, 266
Barbara E. Brown and Richard P. Dunne

19 Viruses and Coral Disease, 284
William H. Wilson and Cheryl M. Woodley

20 Skeletal Growth Anomalies in Corals, 291
Thierry M. Work, Longin T. Kaczmarsky and Esther C. Peters

21 White Syndromes of Indo‐Pacific Corals, 300
David G. Bourne, Tracy D. Ainsworth and Bette L. Willis

22 White Syndromes of Western Atlantic Reef‐Building Corals, 316
Andrew W. Bruckner

23 Indo‐Pacific Colored‐Band Diseases of Corals, 333
Laurie J. Raymundo and Ernesto Weil

24 Cyanobacterial‐Associated Colored‐Band Diseases of the Atlantic/Caribbean, 345
Laurie L. Richardson, Aaron W. Miller, Patricia L. Blackwelder and Husain Al‐Sayegh

25 Dark‐Spots Disease, 354
Thierry M. Work and Ernesto Weil

26 Halofolliculina Ciliate Infections on Corals (Skeletal Eroding Disease), 361
Cathie A. Page, Aldo Cróquer, Carolina Bastidas, Sebastian Rodríguez, Stephen J. Neale, Ernesto Weil and Bette L. Willis

27 Yellow‐Band Diseases, 376
Andrew W. Bruckner and Bernhard Riegl

28 Porites Trematodiasis, 387
Greta Smith Aeby

29 Pink‐Line Syndrome, 391
Jeyaraman Ravindran, C. Raghukumar and B. Manikandan

30 Coral “Bleaching” as a Generalized Stress Response to Environmental Disturbance, 396
Andrew C. Baker and Ross Cunning

31 Diseases of Octocorals, 410
Kiho Kim

32 The Diseases of Deep‐Water Corals, 416
Alex David Rogers, Kirsty M. Kemp, Andrew J. Davies and Michelle Lisa Taylor

33 Biocontainment Practices for Coral Disease Research, 442
Dušan Palić, Janet V. Warg and Thierry M. Work

34 Closing Pandora’s Box: Regulations and Permitting Considerations for Coral Disease Research, 458
David Gulko, Cheryl M. Woodley and Sylvia B. Galloway

35 Coral Regeneration Assay, 472
Elizabeth F. Moses and Pamela Hallock

36 Coral Tissue Culture and Micropropagation, 482
Maya Vizel and Esti Kramarsky‐Winter

37 Coral Cell and Tissue Culture Methods, 489
Isabelle Domart‐Coulon and Gary K. Ostrander

38 Theory and Application of Pulse Amplitude Modulated Chlorophyll Fluorometry in Coral Health Assessment, 506
Peter J. Ralph, Ross Hill, Martina A. Doblin and Simon K. Davy

39 Zooxanthellae Viability Assay, 524
Martina M. Burtscher, Lisa A. May, Craig A. Downs and Thomas Bartlett

40 Quantifying Total Porphyrin Species from Scleractinian Coral Tissue Extracts, 538
Cheryl M. Woodley, Athena R. Burnett and Craig A. Downs

41 Chemiluminescent Method for Quantifying DNA Abasic Lesions in Scleractinian Coral Tissues, 547
Lisa A. May and Cheryl M. Woodley

Glossary, 556

Index, 570

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