Invertebrate Pathology


Invertebrate Pathology

Invertebrate Pathology Ebook Pdf

By Andrew F. Rowley, Christopher J. Coates and Miranda M. Whitten

Many invertebrates are serious pests of agriculture (e.g., mites and locusts), vectors of disease (e.g., mosquitoes and aquatic snails) and venomous (e.g., scorpions), whilst others are beneficial to humans as pollinators, food sources, and detritivores. Despite their obvious ecological, medical, and economic importance, this is the first comprehensive review of invertebrate diseases to be available within a single volume.

Concurrent molecular and bioinformatics developments over the last decade have catalysed a renaissance in invertebrate pathology. High-throughput sequencing, handheld diagnostic kits, and the move to new technologies have rapidly increased our understanding of invertebrate diseases, generating a large volume of fundamental and applied research on the topic. An overview is now timely and this authoritative work assembles an international team of the leading specialists in the field to review the main diseases and pathologic manifestations of all the major invertebrate groups. Each chapter adopts a common plan in terms of its scope and approach to achieve a succinct and coherent synthesis.

Invertebrate Pathology is aimed at graduate students and researchers in the fields of disease ecology, invertebrate biology, comparative immunology, aquaculture, fisheries, veterinary science, evolution, and conservation. It will be particularly useful for readers new to the field as well as a broader interdisciplinary audience of practitioners and resource managers.

Table of Contents

1. Host Defences of Invertebrates to Pathogens and Parasites

2. Host Defences of Invertebrates to Non-Communicable Diseases

3. Diagnostic Approaches in Invertebrate Pathology

SECTION A: Diseases of Acoelomate and Coelomate Protostomes
4. Diseases of Scleractinian Corals

5. Diseases of Sponges

6. Diseases of Platyhelminths, Acanthocephalans and Nematodes

7. Diseases of Annelids

8. Diseases of Molluscs

SECTION B: Diseases of Arthropods
9. Diseases of Chelicerates

10. Viral Diseases of Insects

11. Bacterial Diseases of Insects

12. Fungal and Oomycete Diseases of Insects

13. Parasitic Diseases of Insects

14. Viral Diseases of Crustaceans

15. Bacterial Diseases of Crustaceans

16. Fungal and Oomycete Diseases of Crustaceans

17. Parasitic Diseases of Crustaceans

SECTION C: Diseases of Deuterostomes

18. Echinoderm Diseases and Pathologies

19. Ecological Outcomes of Echinoderm Disease

20. Diseases of Tunicates and Cephalochordates

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