Phylogenetics of Bees

Phylogenetics of Bees

By Rustem Abuzarovich Ilyasov, Hyung Wook Kwon

Phylogenetics of Bees PDF Book. Bees are flying insects of the order Hymenoptera closely related to wasps and ants. The ancestors of bees are assumed to be predatory wasps, which switched to pollen consumption. Further, bees co-evolved with flowering plants and divided into several species according to climatic conditions. Widely known bees are western bees Apis mellifera, and eastern bees Apis cerana. This book sheds light on features of evolution, phylogenesis, speciation, adaptation to environment, and taxonomy of bees. It will be of particular relevance to evolutionists, geneticists, taxonomists, ecologists, population geneticist, and breeders.

Table of Contents

The origin and evolution of the colony in Apidae

Phylogenies of Asian honey bees

The origin of the European bees and their intraspecific biodiversity

The classic taxonomy of Asian and European honey bees

Genetic diversity of honey bee Apis mellifera in Siberia

Current drivers of taxonomic biodiversity loss in Asian and European bees

The loss of taxonomic biodiversity of honey bees Apis mellifera and main breeds in Russia

Breeding better and healthy honey bees is the only way to save a native biodiversity

Honey bees in Latin America

The history of honey bees in North America

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