Ruminants: Anatomy, Behavior and Diseases

Ruminants: Anatomy, Behavior and Diseases pdf

By Ricardo Evandro Mendes

Ruminants: Anatomy, Behavior and Diseases PDF includes thoroughly revised and reviewed information with content of the most important diseases throughout the world. It presents up-to-date information on diseases effecting ruminants as Fasciolosis, Freemartism and BVD, as well as, present important information about behavior and evolutionary and morphological anatomy. Included also are observations collected during experiments using immunohistochemistry, flow cytometry and scanning and transmission electron microscopy. This book was written by some of the best researchers in each area, from universities located in Spain, Portugal, US, Switzerland, Brazil, Italy and Slovakia. Completely revised chapters reflect the information from current literature.

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Table of Contents
1. Neglected tropical diseases of ruminants

2. Liver and stomach flukes of wild and domestic ruminants: molecular approach in their discrimination

3. Fasciolosis

4. Evaluating the whole production chain: a need for organic production research

5. Exanthematic bovine vaccinia virus outbreaks in dairy cattle in brazil: an overview of viral isolates and risk factors

6. Behavior feeding of ruminants

7. Freemartinism in cattle

8. Fat depots: a morphological and anatomical adaptation to tropical climates

9. Bovine viral diarrhea virus: biology, clinical forms and pathogenesis

10. Adult mucosa stomach of domestic ruminants: structural, histochemical and immunocytochemical study

11. Fetal mucosa stomach of the buffalo (Bubalus bubalus): morphostructural, microvascular and immunocytochemical study

12. Mandible shape of ruminants: between phylogeny and feeding habits

13. Creating the tiniest bison: a system dynamics model of ecological evolution


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