Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish


Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish

Diseases In Marine Aquarium Fish Pdf

By Gerald Bassleer

Diseases in Marine Aquarium Fish PDF. With 20 years of international experience, Dr. Gerald Bassleer has written a pratical guide which is easy reading for the fish hobbiest, fish trader, veterinarian, fishery biologist and many others involved in the keeping of fish. Instead of a comprehensive discussion of fish diseases, this book has covered the most important and common diseases which occur in aquaria. With over 300 color photographs, a visual approach is taken without scientific or complicated terminology. The goal of this book is to recognize the most common fish maladies, and to find simple treatments to cure problems early. Diseases of tropical aquarium fish have always been a difficult matter for the fish hobbyist because of a lack of knowledge about the disease origins.
This is the new revised edition 2004. An experienced professional presents the principal information. Presented in a clear, easy- to-understand manner.

  • Contents include:
  • Causes and prevention of diseases in fish.
  • Recognizing the symptoms of disease – in practice and under the microscope.
  • Drugs and combinations of treatments, which even non-specialists can apply.

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Table of Contents



Diseases in marine fish: what factors play a role?
1. Seawater
2 . Filtration
3 . Problems and first warning signs
4. Primary precautionary measures

Diseases in marine fish: symptoms and treatment 
1. Examination
2 . Viral infections
3. Bacterial infections
4. Fungal infections
5. Parasitic infections

Treatment of diseases in survey
I . Basic instructions
2 . Antibacterial drugs
3 . Combinations of antibacterial agents
4. Other drugs
5 . Other drug combinations
6. Disinfection or sterilization

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