A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology

A Photographic Atlas Of Marine Biology

By Erin Rempala, Gary D. Wisehart, and Michael J. Lebofe

A Photographic Atlas of Marine Biology PDF is a full-color supplement that provides photographs of preserved specimens and images taken at various aquaria to provide coverage of organisms in the world’s oceans. It is designed to accompany any marine biology text or laboratory manual. 3-hole drilled.

Table of Contents

Section 1 Introduction

1 Introduction to Marine Biodiversity, Taxonomy, and Phylogeny

Section 2 Marine Bacteria, Archaeans, and Protists

2 Marine Bacteria and Archaea

3 Planktonic Heterotrophs

4 Simple Eukaryotic, Planktonic, and Benthic Autotrophs

Section 3 Marine Invertebrates

5 Porifera

6 Cnidaria

7 Ctenophora

8 Platyhelminthes

9 Ectoprocta

10 Brachiopoda

11 Mollusca

12 Annelida

13 Sipuncula

14 Nematoda

15 Tardigrada

16 Arthropoda

17 Chaetognatha

18 Echinodermata

19 Hemichordata

Section 4 Marine Chordates

20 Introduction to the Marine Chordata

21 Urochordata and Cephalochordata

22 Craniata

23 Chondrichthyes

24 Osteichthyes

25 Amphibia and Reptilia

26 Aves

27 Mammalia

Section 5 Marine Multicellular Autotrophs

28 Macroalgae

29 Rhodophyta

30 Chlorophyta

31 Phaeophyceae

32 Marine Anthophyta

Section 6 Overview of Marine Habitats

33 Marine Habitats


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