Fish Diseases and Medicine

Fish Diseases and Medicine PDF

By Stephen A. Smith

Fish Diseases and Medicine PDF presents the gross pathology of the most commonly encountered diseases and syndromes of fish in an organ system-based approach. It provides an overview of the diseases and disorders of tropical, ornamental, bait and food fish from freshwater, brackish and marine environments. Readers will gain a broader understanding of the basic biology of infectious and non-infectious diseases in fish, as well as novel diagnostic techniques and innovative disease control methods. Over 300 high-quality color photographs illustrate the conditions described

Nineteen chapters by expert international contributors provide the veterinarian, fish health professional, fisheries biologist and fish researcher with an understanding of anatomy, water quality, diagnostic methodology, and basic clinical medicine of fish. Each organ system chapter provides

  • an overview of the most common diseases or syndromes
  • the etiological agent
  • route of transmission
  • typical host range
  • clinical presentation
  • possible differentials
  • most current means of diagnosis for that particular problem
  • potential management and control methods

This text will serve as a resource for the identification and control of fish diseases in a multitude of settings, from aquarium fish, to home ponds, to aquaculture species, to research fish and to even wild fish populations.

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Table of Contents

Anatomical Physiology of Fishes – Christine L. Densmore

Water Quality and Environmental Issues – Deborah B. Pouder and Stephen A. Smith

Diagnosis of fish diseases – Esteban Soto, Shane M. Boylan, Brittany Stevens, Stephen A. Smith, Roy Yanong, Kuttichantran Subramaniam, Thomas Waltzek

Ocular problems – Stephen A. Smith

Skin and Fin Diseases – Pedro A. Smith, Diane G. Elliott, David W. Bruno and Stephen A. Smith

Gill diseases – Stephen A. Smith

Musculoskeletal Diseases – John S. Lumsden

Coelomic Disorders – Christine L. Densmore

Gastrointestinal Disorders – Stephen A. Smith

Cardiac Diseases – Trygve T. Poppe

Hepatic, Biliary, And Pancreatic Diseases – – Jeffrey C. Wolf

Renal Diseases and Disorders – Lester Khoo

Swim Bladder Disorders – Alisa L. Newton

Reproductive Disorders – Lester Khoo

Neurological Diseases – Salvatore Frasca Jr.

Nutritional Diseases – Simon J. Davies, Tharangani K. Herath, Peter Bowyer

Sedation, anesthesia, analgesia and euthanasia – Lysa Pam Posner, Craig A. Harms, Stephen A. Smith

Surgery – Shane Boylan

Therapeutants for Fish – Grace A. Karreman, Patricia S. Gaunt, Richard G. Endris , Nick Saint-Erne

Appendix 1: Therapeutics for Ornamental, Tropical, Bait and Other Non-food Fish: Antimicrobial and Antifungal Agents – Jessica Gaskins and Shane Boylan

Appendix 2: Therapeutics for Ornamental, Tropical, Bait and Other Non-food Fish: Antiparasiticides – Jessica Gaskins and Shane Boylan

Appendix 3: Therapeutics for Ornamental Fish, Tropical, Bait, and Other Non-food Fish: Supportive Therapy and Care – Jessica Gaskins and Shane Boylan

Appendix 4: UK Example of Cascade System in UK – Richard G. Endris

Appendix 5: References for Drugs used in Aquaculture in Other Countries – Richard G. Endris

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