Diseases and Disorders of the Domestic Fowl and Turkey, 2nd Edition

Since publication of the first edition, several new and important diseases of the domestic fowl and turkey have emerged. At the same time, knowledge of the pathogenesis of diseases has increased. Containing many new photographs and expanded sections, this new second edition has been completely revised to reflect these new developments. Based on the original idea and format of the first edition, the book continues to reflect the author’s wide experience in the field and to provide the diagnostician with the most expert guide to the main post-mortem and histopathological features of diseases in the domestic fowl and turkey. Features new to the second edition include new colour photographs and expanded sections, 200 new photographs and illustrations of lesions in avian species other than the fowl and turkey. Photographs of a particular disease are grouped together rather than arranged under bodily systems to make it easier for the reader to consider aspects of differential diagnosis. Conditions new to this edition include many which have commmerical implications, including pseudotuberculosis, turkey rhinotracheitis, hypovitaminosis A, focal hepatic lipidosis, dermatitis in broilers, inophore toxicity, swollen head syndrome, gizzard erosion and ulceration, aortic rupture in turkeys, corneal ulceration and pasted vent. An ELBS/LPBB edition is available.

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