Dairy Cows: Nutrition, Fertility and Milk Production

Dairy Cows: Nutrition, Fertility and Milk Production pdf

By Russell E. Marek

The elite milk producing phenotype of the modern dairy cow has adversely affected its health. Diminished udder health has serious implications for milk production, leading to decreases in milk yield, milk quality and increases in somatic cell count. Dairy Cows: Nutrition, Fertility and Milk Production PDF presents current research in the nutrition, fertility and milk production of dairy cows. Topics discussed include mastitis in bovine milk production; oxidative stress and reproductive disorders in dairy cows; the incidence of hypocalcemia and its Ca homeostasis mechanism in periparturient cows and the haemodynamic changes of the superovulated corpus luteum in cattle.

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Table of Contents


Chapter 1 Mastitis and Bovine Milk Production

Chapter 2 Oxidative Stress and Reproductive Disorders in Dairy Cows

Chapter 3 Production Diseases in Dairy Herds: MonitoringnTransition Cows

Chapter 4 Increasing the Value in Dairy Chains Mainly Supplied by Small Scale Farms: Case Study from Morocco

Chapter 5 Genetic Parameters for Clinical Mastitis and Somatic Cell Count for Holstein Cows Managed under Mediterranean Climatic Conditions in Tunisia

Chapter 6 Incidence of Hypocalcemia and its Ca Homeostasis Mechanism in Periparturient Cows from Three Intensive Dairy Farms of Heilongjiang

Chapter 7 Haemodynamic Changes of the Super-ovulated Corpus Luteum in Cattle


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