Control of Poultry Mites Dermanyssus

This book summarises worldwide research activities at laboratory and farm levels to control the poultry red mites. 43 experts from 11 countries have been drawn into to present new control methods based on plants, predators or vaccine developments alongside updated chemical, physical and managerial approaches to tackle this ubiquitous ectoparasite which is responsible for economic costs for the poultry industry and for human health-related problems. Genetic and metabolomic diversity within the mite populations highlight the needs for an integrated approach for the poultry industry. Readers will understand the state-of-art in new research lines which could bring this worldwide and emerging ectoparasite under control.

About The Author

Dr Olivier Sparagano is a Senior Lecturer in Animal Production Science and the Director of Research in the School of Agriculture, Food and Rural Development at Newcastle University, UK. He is currently the President of the Society for Tropical Veterinary Medicine and the Honorary Meetings Secretary of the British Society for Parasitology. He has published more than 100 peer-reviewed scientific publications and over 200 conference abstracts on parasitology and related topics.

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