Ectoparasites Drug Discovery Against Moving Targets

Ectoparasites Drug Discovery Against Moving Targets

By Charles Q. Meng and Ann E. Sluder

Ectoparasites Drug Discovery Against Moving Targets PDF is specifically dedicated to ectoparasite drug discovery is unique in providing insights from the veterinary as well as the medical perspective, covering research from both industry and academia while paving the way for new synergies between the two research communities.

Edited by a team combining 80 years of experience in academic research and industrial antiparasitic drug discovery, this volume of Drug Discovery in Infectious Diseases summarizes current knowledge in this rapidly expanding field. Comprehensive yet concise, this ready reference blends solid background information on ectoparasite biology with the very latest methods in ectoparasite drug discovery. Three major parts cover current ectoparasite control strategies and the threat of drug resistance, screening and drug evaluation, and the new isoxazoline class of ectoparasiticides. The future potential of mechanism-based approaches for repellents and parasiticides is thoroughly discussed, as are strategies for vaccines against ectoparasites, making the book ideal for parasitologists in academia as well as researchers working in the pharmaceutical industry.

Table of Contents

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Part One Strategies & Resistance

1 Comparison of Anti‐ectoparasite and Anti‐endoparasite Therapies and Control Strategies

2 vaccination Against Ticks

3 Blocking Transmission of vector‐borne Diseases

4 The Threat and Reality of Drug Resistance in the Cattle Tick Rhipicephalus (Boophilus) microplus

5 Monitoring Drug Sensitivity in Cattle Ticks

6 New Developments in the Control of Human Lice

Part Two Screens & Models 

7 Molecular Targets to Impair Blood Meal Processing in Ticks

8 Whole‐organism Screens for Ectoparasites

9 In vitro Feeding Methods for Hematophagous Arthropods and Their Application in Drug Discovery

10 Testing in Laboratory Animal Models for Ectoparasiticide Discovery and Development

11 Testing in Target Hosts for Ectoparasiticide Discovery and Development

Part Three Isoxazolines 

12 Isoxazolines: A Novel Chemotype Highly Effective on Ectoparasites

13 The Discovery of Afoxolaner: A New Ectoparasiticide for Dogs

14 Development of Afoxolaner as a New Ectoparasiticide for Dogs

15 Discovery, Development, and Commercialization of Sarolaner (Simparica®), A Novel Oral Isoxazoline Ectoparasiticide for Dogs

16 Isoxazolines: Preeminent Ectoparasiticides of the Early Twenty‐first Century


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