Climate Change and Non-infectious Fish Disorders

Climate Change And Non-Infectious Fish Disorders

By Patrick T. K. Woo and George K. Iwama

Climate Change and Non-infectious Fish Disorders PDF. Freshwater, brackish and marine ecosystems are particularly impacted by the effects of climate change and global warming. A global rise in water temperature and acidification of the aquatic environment will continue even if we can significantly reduce the current output of greenhouse gasses. Increases in water temperature will affect the life cycle, physiology, behaviours, distribution and community structure of aquatic organisms, especially fish. This important new text on climate change, and its effects on selected non-infectious disorders of fish, contains contributions by internationally recognized experts who have contributed significantly to our knowledge in this area. Comprehensive and thought provoking, the text details abiotic and biotic environmental changes associated with climate change and their effects on fish in tropical, subtropical and temperate waters. It proceeds to cover in detail developmental, physiological and metabolic disorders of fish. Outlining both current and expected changes in aquaculture systems due to climate change, plus suggestions for further studies, this contemporary text is key reading for biologists, aquatic ecologists, fish health consultants, veterinarians, policy makers and all those involved in fish health and the environment.

Table of Contents

Section I: Climate Change

Chapter 1: An Overview with Discussions on Freshwater and Marine Ecosystems in North America

Chapter 2: Tropical Marine and Brackish Ecosystems

Section II: Developmental and Physiological Fish Disorders

Chapter 3: Skeletal Abnormalies

Chapter 4: Neoplasms

Chapter 5: Feeding and its Regulation

Chapter 6: Nutritional and Metabolic Disorders

Chapter 7: Behaviour including Fish Migration

Chapter 8: Stress in Response to Environmental Changes

Chapter 9: Ionic Regulation

Chapter 10: Excess Dissolved Gases and Gas Bubble Disease

Chapter 11: The Immune System: Effects of Water Temperature and Acidification

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