Sex Control in Aquaculture


Sex Control in Aquaculture

Sex Control In Aquaculture Pdf

By Hanping Wang, Francesc Piferrer, Songlin Chen and Zhi-Gang Shen

Sex Control in Aquaculture PDF explains the concepts and rationale for sex control in aquaculture, which serves different purposes. The most important are: to produce monosex stocks to rear only the fastest-growing sex in some species, to prevent precocious or uncontrolled reproduction in other species and to aid in broodstock management. The application of sex ratio manipulation for population control and invasive species management is also included.  Next, this book provides detailed and updated information on the underlying genetic, epigenetic, endocrine and environmental mechanisms responsible for the establishment of the sexes, and explains chromosome set manipulation techniques, hybridization and the latest gene knockout approaches. Furthermore, the book offers detailed protocols and key summarizing information on how sex control is practiced worldwide in 35 major aquaculture species or groups, including fish and crustaceans, and puts the focus on its application in the aquaculture industry.

With contributions from an international panel of leading scientists, Sex Control in Aquaculture will appeal to a large audience:  aquaculture/fisheries professionals and students, scientists or biologists working with basic aspects of fish/shrimp biology, growth and reproductive endocrinology, genetics, molecular biology, evolutionary biology, and R&D managers and administrators. This text explores sex control technologies and monosex production of commercially-farmed fish and crustacean species that are highly in demand for aquaculture, to improve feed utilization efficiency, reduce energy consumption for reproduction and eliminate a series of problems caused by mixed sex rearing. Thus, this book:

  • Contains contributions from an international panel of leading scientists and professionals in the field
  • Provides comprehensive coverage of both established and new technologies to control sex ratios that are becoming more necessary to increase productivity in aquaculture
  • Includes detailed coverage of the most effective sex control techniques used in the world’s most important commercially-farmed species

Sex Control in Aquaculture is the comprehensive resource for understanding the biological rationale, scientific principles and real-world practices in this exciting and expanding field.

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Table of Contents

List of Contributors xv

Preface xvii

Acknowledgments xix

Part I Theoretical and Practical Bases of Sex Control in Aquaculture 1

1 Sex Control in Aquaculture: Concept to Practice 3
Han‐Ping Wang and Zhi‐Gang Shen

2 Sex Determination and Differentiation in Fish: Genetic, Genomic, and Endocrine Aspects 35
Yann Guiguen, Alexis Fostier, and Amaury Herpin

3 Epigenetics of Sex Determination and Differentiation in Fish 65
Francesc Piferrer

4 Environmental Sex Determination and Sex Differentiation in Teleosts – How Sex Is Established 85
Zhi‐Gang Shen and Han‐Ping Wang

5 Gene Knockout and Its Principle and Application in Sex Control of Fish Species 117
Ze‐Xia Gao and Bruce W. Draper

6 Chromosome Manipulation Techniques and Applications to Aquaculture 137
Katsutoshi Arai and Takafumi Fujimoto

7 Hybridization and Its Application in Aquaculture 163
M. Aminur Rahman, Sang‐Go Lee, Fatimah Md. Yusoff, and S.M. Rafiquzzaman

8 Population Consequences of Releasing Sex‐Reversed Fish: Applications and Concerns 179
Claus Wedekind

Part II Sex Determination and Control in Cichlidae 189

9 Sex Control in Tilapias 191
Jean‐Francois Baroiller and Helena D’Cotta

10 Quantitative Genetics of Sexual Dimorphism in Tilapia and Its Application to Aquaculture 235
Nguyen Hong Nguyen

Part III Sex Determination and Control in Salmonidae 249

11 Sex Determination and Sex Control in Salmonidae 251
Yann Guiguen, Sylvain Bertho, Amaury Herpin, and Alexis Fostier

12 Development and Application of Sex‐Linked Markers in Salmonidae 281
Cristian Araneda, Natalia Lam, and Patricia Iturra

13 Polyploidy Production in Salmonidae 297
James J. Nagler

Part IV Sex Determination and Control in Moronidae 305

14 Genetic and Environmental Components of Sex Determination in the European Sea Bass 307
Marc Vandeputte and Francesc Piferrer

15 Morphological and Endocrine Aspects of Sex Differentiation in the European Sea Bass and Implications for Sex Control in Aquaculture 327
Mercedes Blazquez and Eric Saillant

16 The Induction of Polyploidy, Gynogenesis, and Androgenesis in the European Sea Bass 347
Alicia Felip and Francesc Piferrer

Part V Sex Determination and Control in Centrarchidae 359

17 Sex Determination, Differentiation, and Control in Bluegill 361
Han‐Ping Wang, Zhi‐Gang Shen, Ze‐Xia Gao, Hong Yao, Dean Rapp, and Paul O’Bryant

18 Sex-Determining Mechanisms and Control of Sex Differentiation in Largemouth Bass and Crappies 85
Tulin Arslan

19 Hybridization and its Application in Centrarchids 405
Zhi‐Gang Shen and Han‐Ping Wang

List of Contributors xv
Preface xix
Acknowledgments xxi

Preface xix

Acknowledgments xxi

Part VI Sex Determination and Sex Control in Percidae 429

20 Sex Determination and Monosex Female Production in Yellow Perch 431
Han‐Ping Wang, Zhi‐Gang Shen, Hong Yao, Paul O’Bryant, and Dean Rapp

21 Sex Determination and Control in Eurasian Perch 445
Carole Rougeot

22 Sexual Dimorphism in Body Size and Form in Yellow Perch 461
Hong‐Wei Liang, Han‐Ping Wang, Yan Meng, Hong Yao, Zhi‐Gang Shen, and Gui‐Wei Zou

Part VII Sex Determination and Sex Control in Catfish 477

23 Sex Determination, Gonadal Sex Differentiation, and Sex Control in Channel Catfish 479
Reynaldo Patino

24 Sexual Size Dimorphism, Sex Determination, and Sex Control in Yellow Catfish 495
Jie Mei and Jian‐Fang Gui

25 Mechanisms of Feminization and Sex Differentiation in Southern Catfish 509
Si‐Ping Deng, Zhi‐Hao Liu, and De‐Shou Wang

Part VIII Sex Determination and Sex Control in Flatfishes 525

26 Genomic and Epigenetic Aspects of Sex Determination in Half‐Smooth Tongue Sole 527
Song‐Lin Chen, Qian Zhou, and Chang-Wei Shao

27 Sex Identification and Control in Half‐Smooth Tongue Sole 547
Song‐Lin Chen and Wen‐Teng Xu

28 Reproduction and Sex Control in Turbot 565
Xoana Taboada, Diego Robledo, Carmen Bouza, Francesc Piferrer, Ana María Vinas, and Paulino Martínez

29 Sex Control in Southern and Summer Flounder 583
Xiang‐Shan Ji, Song‐Lin Chen, Yan Zhao, Jamie Mankiewicz Honeycutt, Russell J. Borski, and J. Adam Luckenbach

30 Gynogenesis and Sex Control in Japanese Flounder 603
Ji‐Lun Hou and Hai‐Jin Liu

31 Sex Determination, Differentiation, and Control in Atlantic
Halibut and Pacific Halibut 621

32 Sex‐Specific Markers, Gynogenesis, and Sex Control in Spotted Halibut 631
Hong‐Yu Ma, Song‐Lin Chen, and Xiang‐Shan Ji

Part IX Sex Determination and Sex Control in Sturgeons 645

33 Sex Determination in Sturgeon 647
Sven Wuertz, Hilal Güralp, Martin Pšenička, and Mikhail Chebanov

34 Hybridization and Polyploidization in Sturgeon 669
Miloš Havelka and Katsutoshi Arai

Part X Sex Determination and Sex Control in Crustaceans 689

35 Sex Control in Cultured Decapod Crustaceans 691
Tom Levy, Eliahu D. Aflalo, and Amir Sagi

36 Sex Reversal and Determination and Sex Control in Shrimp and Prawn 705
Danitzia A. Guerrero‐Tortolero and Rafael Campos‐Ramos

Part XI Sex Determination and Sex Control in Other Fish Species 723

37 Sex Determination, Differentiation, and Control in Atlantic Cod 725
Tillmann J. Benfey

38 Sex Differentiation, Sex Change, and Sex Control in Groupers 735
Masaru Nakamura and Yasuhisa Kobayashi

39 Artificial Gynogenesis and Sex Control in Large Yellow Croaker 751
Zhi‐Yong Wang and Ming‐Yi Cai

40 Sex Determination and Control in Eels 775
Xian‐Cheng Qu

41 Sex Control and Chromosome Manipulation in Cyprinidae: Common Carp and Grass Carp 793
Boris Gomelsky and William L. Shelton

Index – Species 825

Index – Subjects 832

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