Bird Ecology and Conservation A Handbook of Techniques

Bird Ecology and Conservation A Handbook of Techniques  PDF

By William J. Sutherland , Ian Newton and Rhys E. Green

Bird Ecology and Conservation A Handbook of Techniques  PDF. In this intensely practical handbook, a team of leading ornithologists describe a wide range of standard methods that can be applied to the study of avian ecology and conservation. Topics covered range from surveys and tracking and handling to breeding biology, foraging behavior, and migration. Chapters on conservation techniques describe how to assess species over-exploitation, the methods available for the intensive conservation of endangered species, and the principles involved in the maintenance and restoration of habitats. This comprehensive synthesis will be essential reading for graduate students and researchers as well as a valuable resource for environmental consultants and professional conservationists worldwide.

Bird Ecology and Evolution is the first title in a new series of practical handbooks which include titles focusing on specific taxonomic groups as well as those describing broader themes and subjects. William J. Sutherland is the series editor.

Table of Contents

1. Bird diversity survey methods

2. Bird census and survey techniques

3. Breeding biology

4. Birds in the hand

5. Estimating survival and movement

6. Radio-tagging

7. Migration

8. Information from dead and dying birds

9. Techniques in physiology and genetics

10. Diet and foraging behaviour

11. Habitat assessment

12. Conservation management of endangered birds

13. Exploitation

14. Habitat Management