Biotech’s Dictionary of Dairy Science PDF Download.

Biotech’s Dictionary of Dairy Science

By Dinesh ed Arora

Biotech’s Dictionary of Dairy Science PDF. Animals have been the linchpin of growth and development of human civilisation and they will remain as such forever. It is known that domestication of animals was the most important step of history. Before learning agriculture man learned about animals and used milk, curd, hair and skin etc. of various animals according to his needs. This dependency was trans-formed to a new relationship after the advent of agriculture. Now animals were used for activities like ploughing, transportation, Sports and entertainment, sacrifices etc. This change, unknowingly though, gave a new turn to man-animal relationship. Now man started knowing about various species of animals. Further studies pertaining to anatomical and morpholo-gical structures of animals were made. This gave birth to field of animal studies or veterinary and dairy science. As the knowledge about usages, diseases, cure and medicines increased, their proper recording became a compulsory activity, which had been done from time immemorial.

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