Biology of Breeding Poultry Poultry Science Symposium Series

Biology Of Breeding Poultry (Poultry Science Symposium Series)

By P. Hocking

This book reviews the biological science and background to breeding meat poultry, specifically broiler, turkey and duck. These commercial birds have been changed by genetic selection to such an extent that they are substantially different from traditional breeds and laying hens. Covering science, management and husbandry systems, this comprehensive text provides the most up to date collection of papers on the topic from a range of international experts.


Table of Contents

I: State of the Art

1: Genetic Progress and Achievements

2: Breeder Husbandry

II: Genetic Improvement

3: Quantitative Genetics and QTL

4: Potential of Transgenics, ESTs and PGCs

5: Sex Determination

III: Physiology of Reproduction

6: Endocrinology and Genetics of the HPA Axis

7: Control of Follicular Development

8: Endocrinology of Male Reproduction

IV: Mating Behaviour and Fertility

9: Sperm Competition and Female Fertility

10: Semen Quality and Semen Storage

V: Incubation and Hatching

11: Broodiness and Broody Control

12: Hatching Egg and Chick Quality

VI: Managing the Environment

13: Photoperiod and Control of Breeding

14: Behaviour in Meat Breeding Birds

15: Ratites and minor Poultry Species

VII: Nutrition of Breeding Birds

16: Feed Restriction

17: Protein and Amino Acid Responses

18: Practical Breeder Nutrition

19: Vitamins, Minerals and Micronutrients

VIII: Health and Welfare

20: Vaccination: Theory and Practice

21: Immune Protection of the Hatchling

22: Managing Current Disease Challenges

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