Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat 2nd Edition

Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat 2nd Edition PDF

By Michael J. Day

Clinical Immunology of the Dog and Cat 2nd Edition PDF. The First Edition of this book (1999) was greeted by critical acclaim, became a bestseller and was translated into many languages. It proved useful for veterinarians in general practice who may have had limited exposure to the subject of immunology in training to help translate theory into clinical practice. The book details the manifestations, diagnosis and treatment of immune-related disease in the dog and cat. It is illustrated throughout in full colour, to show and explain to the reader as clearly as possible the complicated principles of disease and immunodiagnostic tests, supported by clinical cases, gross and histopathology, cytology, haematology, immunohistochemistry and other immunological tests. Since publication of the First Edition many advances have been made and the Second Edition incorporates these changes in focus and on techniques. There is an additional chapter on respiratory and cardiac disease, and given the continued focus of companion animal practitioners on vaccine-related issues, a new chapter is devoted entirely to the subject of vaccinology. The Second Edition includes approximately 200 new photographic images, an updated list of further reading and an extensive glossary of terms.

Table of Contents


1. Basic Immunology

2. Immunopathological Mechanisms

3. The Basis of Immune-Mediated Disease

4. Immune-Mediated Haematological Disease (with A. J. Mackin)

5. Immune-Mediated Skin Disease (with S. E. Shaw)

6. Immune-Mediated Musculoskeletal and Neurological Disease (with D. Bennett)

7. Immune-Mediated Alimentary Disease (with E. J. Hall)

8. Immune-Mediated Respiratory and Cardiac Disease

9. Immune-Mediated Endocrine Disease (with S. E. Shaw)

10. Immune-Mediated Renal and Reproductive Disease (with A. J. Mackin)

11. Immune-Mediated Ocular Disease (S. M. Crispin)

12. Immunodeficiency Disease

13. Immune System Neoplasia (with J. M. Dobson)

14. Multisystem and Intercurrent Immune-Mediated Disease

15. Disease, of the Lymphoid Tissue

16. Immunotherapy

17. Vaccination. Further reading.


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