Advances in Equine Nutrition IV

Advances in Equine Nutrition IV PDF Download

By J D Pagan

Advances in Equine Nutrition IV PDF is a collection of original research and review papers presented during Kentucky Equine Research nutrition conferences held in Lexington, Kentucky. Conferences feature international authorities on nutrition, exercise physiology, and veterinary topics pertaining to the horse. These authorities have not only refined nutritional requirements of horses, they have also discovered ways to most effectively deliver nutrients necessary to fuel horses in all athletic endeavors, to achieve sound growth in young horses, and to ensure nutrient requirements are being fulfilled in reproductively active horses. Interspersed among scientific topics, practical feeding and management considerations are offered.

Written by leading research scientists, this informative compilation examines the latest advances in equine nutrition, veterinary medicine, and exercise physiology for a range of horses, including the broodmare, the growing horse, and the performance horse. While focusing on foraging and general nutrition, this resource also explores specialized management and techniques for the prevention of injuries and diseases, such as insulin resistance and hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP).

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Table of Contents

General Nutrition

Nutrient Requirements: Applying the Science

Making Nutrient Composition Tables Relevant

Forages: The Foundation for Equine Gastrointestinal Health.

Grazing Preferences of Horses for Different Cool-Season Grasses

Carbohydrates in Forage: What is a Safe Grass?

Assessing Energy Balance

Beta-Carotene: An Essential Nutrient for Horses? .

Vitamin E: An Essential Nutrient for Horses?

Equine Behavior: A Nutritional Link?

Nutrition and Management of the Performance Horse

The Efficiency of Utilization of Digestible Energy During Submaximal Exercise

Efficacy of an Herbal Feed Supplement in Reducing Exercise-Related

Stress in Horses

Update on Bone Disease: The Impact of Skeletal Disease on Athletic Performance

Nutrition and Management of the Broodmare

The New NRC: Updated Requirements for Pregnancy and Growth

Oral Water-Soluble Vitamin E Supplementation of the Mare in Late Gestation, Its Effects on Serum Vitamin E Levels in the Pre- and Postpartum Mare and the Neonate: A Preliminary Investigation

Body Weight and Condition of Kentucky Thoroughbred Mares and Their Foals as Influenced by Month of Foaling, Season, and Gender

The Effect of Dietary Calcium on Indicators of Bone Turnover in Broodmares

Nutrition of the Dam Influences Growth and Development of the Foal

Nutrition and Management of the Growing Horse

Nutrition of the Young Equine


Development of the Equine Gastrointestinal Tract

Skeletal Adaptation During Growth and Development: A Global Research Alliance

Muscle Adaptations During Growth and Early Training

The Balancing Act of Growing a Sound, Athletic Horse

Body Weight, Wither Height and Growth Rates in Thoroughbreds Raised in

America, England, Australia, New Zealand and India

Size Matters at the Sales

Thoroughbred Growth and Future Racing Performance.

Managing Growth to Produce a Sound, Athletic Horse.

Pathological Conditions

Feeding the Atypical


Nutritional Management of Metabolic Disorders

Pathology of Metabolic-Related Conditions

Recent Research into Laminitis

Colic Prevalence, Risk Factors and Prevention

Colic Treatment and Post-Colic Nutrition

Overview of Gastric and Colonic Ulcers

Insulin Resistance – What Is It and How Do We Measure It?

Exercise-Induced Pulmonary Hemorrhage

Food Allergy in the Horse: A Dermatologist’s View

Beyond the X-Ray: The Latest Methods to Detect and Predict Skeletal Damage.

Managing the Sick Foal to Produce a Sound Athlete

Rational Approaches to Equine Parasite Control


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