Horse and Stable Management 4th Edition

Horse and Stable Management 4th Edition PDF

By Jeremy Houghton Brown, Sarah Pilliner and Zoe Davies

Horse and Stable Management 4th Edition PDF. Since the first edition was published in 1984 Horse and Stable Management has become the recognised source of reliable information on all aspects of the practical management of horses and ponies. It is now the established textbook for everyone who owns a horse or works with horses.
This fourth edition has been radically revised and reorganised to include the most up-to-date and accurate procedures and advice. With many new photographs, Horse and Stable Management includes chapters covering evolution and behaviour, conformation and action, routine preventive measures, nursing the sick horse, first aid, lameness and the management of breeding stock.

Horse and Stable Management is essential reading for those taking British Horse Society and Association of British Riding Schools examinations as well as those taking college equine courses or National Vocational Qualifications in horse care and management.

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Table of Contents
Part 1: The Horse.

1 Evolution and Domestication of the Horse.

2 Describing the Horse.

3 Conformation and Action.

Part 2: The Horse in Sickness and in Health.

4 The Healthy Horse.

5 Routine Healthcare.

6 The Sick Horse.

7 Nursing the Sick Horse.

8 First Aid.

9 Lameness.

Part 3: The Systems of the Horse.

10 Systems of Support and Movement.

11 Systems of Information and Control.

12 The Circulatory System.

13 The Respiratory System.

14 The Skin.

15 The Digestive System.

16 The Theory of Feeding.

17 Practical Feeding and Watering.

Part 4: Work in the Stable Yard.

18 Handling Horses.

19 The Daily Routine.

20 Yard Work and Riding Out.

21 Staff and the Law.

22 Health and Safety.

Part 5: Horse Care.

23 Horse Clothing.

24 Saddlery and Tack.

25 Preparing Horses for Use.

26 Travelling Horses.

27 The Horse at Grass.

28 Lungeing Horses.

Part 6: Horse Care in Action.

29 Care of the Hunter.

30 The Competition Horse.

31 The Leisure Horse.

Part 7: Breeding and Stud Management.

32 Reproductive, Urinary and Mammary Systems.

33 The Stallion.

34 The mare.

35 The Foal and Young Horse.

36 Preparation of Breeding Stock for Sale.

Appendix: Equine Terminology

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