Fitness Evaluation of the Horse

Fitness Evaluation of the Horse PDF

By Jean-Pierre Hourdebaigt

Fitness Evaluation of the Horse PDF helps horse owners, riders, and trainers at all levels learn how to assess any horse’s fitness, strengths, and weaknesses. If you’re buying a horse, this will help you pre-assess prospects before getting the complete veterinary examination. If you own a horse, these techniques will help you better understand your horse’s aptitudes, customize a training program, identify signs of strain, and provide better care for your horse. Features step-by-step instructions and almost 200 photos and drawings showing the proper positioning and approach for the techniques described.

Table of Contents

List of Figures
Anatomical Terms

Part I: Preparation

l. Palpation Skills

2. Massage Awareness for Your Palpation Evaluation

3. The Relaxation Massage Routine

4. Stretching

5. Anatomical Review

6. Conformation and Stances Evaluation

Part II: The Riding Evaluation Program (REP)

7. The REP Starting Point

8. Signs of Problems with Your Horse

9. The Riding Evaluation Program (REP) Exercises

10. The Walk

11. The Trot

12. The Canter

13. More Advanced Riding and Jumping

14. The REP Routine

Part III: The Palpation Evaluation Program (PEP)

15. The 25-Point Program

16. The Head and Neck: Points 1 to 5

17. The Back: Points 6 to 12

18. The Forelimb: Points 13 to 19

19. The Hind Limb: Points 20 to 25

20. Recap from the PEP



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