A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots

A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots

By Phil Digney

A Guide to Incubation and Handraising Parrots PDF is Written by Western Australian aviculturist, Phil Digney, this title covers all necessary requirements needed to successfully take an egg through to a fully weaned chick. Beautifully illustrated with colour images throughout, this valuable title also includes many charts and diagrams and informative text laid out in the easy-to-read format. Contents include Incubation: artificial incubation, meet the egg!, choosing an incubator/hatcher, equipment, handling the egg, incubation, hatching details, problems and troubleshooting, egg weighing; Handraising parrots: the goal, fundamentals, brooders and brooding, formulas, feeding instruments, feeding the newly hatched, growth phase, peak/weaning phase, weaning black cockatoos, pulling chicks, troubleshooting.

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Table of Contents


Artificial Incubation

Meet the Egg!

Choosing an Incubator/Hatcher


Handling the Egg


Hatching Details

Problems and Troubleshooting

Egg Weighing.

Handraising Parrots

The Goal


Brooders and Brooding


Feeding Instrument

Feeding the Newly Hatched

Growth Phase

Peak/Weaning Phase

Weaning Black Cockatoos

Pulling Chicks


Relative Humidity Table
Temperature Conversion Table

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