A Guide to Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots

A Guide To Colour Mutations And Genetics In Parrots Pdf

By Terry Martin

A Guide to Colour Mutations and Genetics in Parrots PDF. Drawing on information from specialist parrot mutation breeders from all over the world, this book is the most definitive work ever attempted on the intriguing subject of mutations and genetics in parrots. Presented in three parts, the author takes the reader through a comfortable and absorbing introduction to understanding the basic principals of mutations and color genetics in the first two parts. The information is supported throughout by over 700 color photographs within text that is both approachable and easily understood. Part three is for the more adventurous, being the technical manifest of genetics in parrots. Over 80 species of parrot are discussed, with numerous examples of breeding outcomes to assist the breeder in understanding how various mutations can be bred and developed. The underlying objective throughout this book is Terry’s attempt to standardize the naming of color mutations internationally. This compelling read will undoubtedly stand the test of time and become a major reference source for many years to come.

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Table of Contents


Understanding Mutations

Understanding Basic Genetics

Establishing New Mutations

Primary Colour Mutations

Key to Naming Mutations


Combinations of Mutations


Explanation of Genetic Terms

The Scientific Investigation of Colour Morphs

Loci for Colour in Parrots

Combination Colours

Crossovers and Recombinant Frequencies


Index of Primary Mutations by Species

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