Veterinary Oncology: A Short Textbook

Veterinary Oncology: A Short Textbook PDF

By Robert Klopfleisch

Veterinary Oncology: A Short Textbook PDF provides a comprehensive but concise overview of the principles of oncogenesis in veterinary medicine, discussing selected tumors in domestic animals in detail, and addressing cancer diagnostics and therapy. All chapters are illustrated with histological and radiological images to enhance readers’ understanding. Accordingly, the book is a must-have reference guide for all graduate and advanced undergraduate students in Veterinary Medicine with a special interest in oncology.

  • First concise graduate textbook on Veterinary Oncology
  • Covers the most common tumor types in domesticated animals
  • Presents state of the art strategies in cancer diagnostics and treatment
Table of Contents
Basic Principles of Carcinogenesis

Basic Principles of Cancer Diagnostics

Basic Principles of Cancer Therapy

Skin Tumors

Mammary Tumors

Hematopoietic Tumors

Urogenital Tract Tumors

Hepatobiliary Tumors

Alimentary Tumors

Tumors of the Exocrine Pancreas

Skeletal Tumors

Endocrine Tumors

Nervous System Tumors

Respiratory System Tumors

Vascular Tumors

Ocular and Periocular Tumors



Tumors of Mice, Rats, Rabbits, and Guinea Pigs

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