Veterinary Ocular Pathology A Comparative Review 

Veterinary Ocular Pathology A Comparative Review PDFBy Richard R. Dubielzig , Kerry L. Ketring , Gillian J McLellan and Daniel M. Albert MD MS

Veterinary Ocular Pathology A Comparative Review PDF links the clinical features of ocular disease with gross and microscopic pathology to demonstrate the essential features observable during diagnosis. It is designed to be kept next to the microscope as an invaluable guide to accurate diagnosis in ocular pathology.

Veterinary Ocular Pathology A Comparative Review PDF book presents a wide range of images of the highest quality. A unique and distinctive feature is the juxtaposition of clinical and pathological images while offering detailed enumeration of the diagnostic features. Expert comparative comments by Dr Daniel Albert and contextual information on relative incidence are provided throughout. The authors address spontaneous disease of the eye in all animal species, with a particular emphasis on companion species. In addition, specific, common or interesting conditions of exotic species are included.

  • The first text devoted to the pathology of spontaneous diseases of the eyes and periocular tissues of domestic animal species
  • Exceptionally high quality illustrations are presented throughout, demonstrating clinical features, gross pathology and histopathology
  • Written by pathologists and clinicians
  • Includes a chapter devoted to the pathology of conditions associated with glaucoma in domestic animals
Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – The principles and practice of ocular pathology

Chapter 2 – Pathologic mechanisms in ocular disease

Chapter 3 – Congenital, developmental, or hereditary abnormalities in animals

Chapter 4 – Surgical trauma and iatrogenic lesions

Chapter 5 – Non-surgical trauma

Chapter 6 – Diseases of the orbit

Chapter 7 – Diseases of the eyelids and conjunctiva

Chapter 8 – Diseases of the cornea and sclera

Chapter 9 – The uvea

Chapter 10 – Diseases of the Lens

Chapter 11 – The Retina

Chapter 12 – The Optic Nerve

Select Chapter 13 – The Glaucomas


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