Veterinary Clinical Pathology Secrets

Veterinary Clinical Pathology Secrets By Rick L. Cowell

By Rick L. Cowell

Veterinary Clinical Pathology Secrets PDF is Part of the popular SECRETS SERIES®, this all-new text provides essential, practical information for reviewing pathology commonly encountered in clinical situations. Organized by disorder type, it features numerous photos, a popular question-and-answer format, and a detailed index that makes it easy to find information quickly. In more than 50 chapters, expert contributors propose key questions and provide authoritative answers addressing the situations that confront small animal veterinarians every day.

  • Comprehensive coverage of pathology is offered by a team of nationally recognized veterinary pathology experts.
  • All of the most important “need to know” questions and answers are provided in the proven format of the acclaimed Secrets Series.
  • More than 150 superior-quality photos highlight key concepts.
  • A thorough, highly detailed index provides quick and easy access to specific topics.

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Table of Contents

1- Hematology

2- Lymphoproliferative Disorders

3- Hemostasis

4- Acid-Base Disorders

5- Renal Function and Urinalysis

6- Liver and Muscle

7- Lipids and Carbohydrates

8- Gastrointestinal Tract and Pancreas

9-  Endocrine System

10- Cytology

11- Avian and Reptilian Clinical Pathology


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