Veterinary Clinical Pathology a Case-Based Approach

Veterinary Clinical Pathology a Case-Based Approach PDF

Veterinary Clinical Pathology a Case-Based Approach PDF presents 200 cases with questions for those interested in improving their skills in veterinary clinical pathology. It emphasises an understanding of basic pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease, differential diagnoses and recognition of patterns associated with various diseases or conditions.

Topics discussed include haematology, clinical chemistry, endocrinology, acid-base and blood gas analysis, haemostasis, urinalysis, biological variation and quality control. Species covered include the cat, dog and horse, with additional material on ruminants.

Cases vary in difficulty, allowing beginners to improve their clinicopathologic skills while more complicated cases, or cases treating unfamiliar topics, are included for experienced readers. This book is a helpful revision aid for those in training as well as for those in practice who are pursuing continuing education. It is also a valuable resource for veterinary nurses and technicians.

  • Contains detailed, explanatory answers involving 200 cases
  • Provides laboratory-based case material from a variety of veterinary species, including dogs, cats, horses and ruminants
  • Provides a variety of examples of laboratory-based clinical cases, along with discussion and interpretation
  • Illustrates the thought processes and discussion styles of ‘expert’ contributors on the written presentation of cases as well as in the analysis of laboratory data
  • Includes summaries of basic pathophysiologic mechanisms of disease, differential diagnoses and other potential tests that may be conducted, based on the laboratory findings
  • Includes cases based on biological variation findings and quality assurance and quality control that are of importance in veterinary laboratory testing
  • Serves as a study aid for veterinarians in practice and in training
Table of Contents

1- Broad Classification of Case

2- Abbreviations

3- Approach to Analysis of Cases

4- Questions

5- Answers

6- Conversion Factors

7- Appendix: The Biological Variation Cases

8- Index

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