Urinalysis in the Dog and Cat

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By Dennis J. Chew and Patricia A. Schenck

In Urinalysis in the Dog and Cat, a logical sequence to collection of urine, performing the complete urinalysis (physical and chemical properties along with urinary sediment microscopy), and interpretation of results is presented. The FAQ chapter and the chapter on urinalysis case examples provide easily accessible information for primary care veterinarians and technicians as well as veterinary students. Each didactic chapter is designed to provide basic information first and then more advanced materials deeper into each chapter. Some materials will also be useful to specialists and those in advanced training. An extensive review of proteinuria is included as a separate chapter. Automated urine chemistry by dipstrip and automated urinary sediment microscopy are discussed in some detail as this technology increasingly will be incorporated in veterinary laboratory practice.

The text is accompanied by hundreds of high-quality photographs and medical illustrations that highlight common and rare findings from the urine of dogs and cats. Numerous algorithms suggest possible pathways for the diagnosis and treatment of urinary disorders.

This book is destined to be widely used in veterinary hospitals by seasoned and young attending veterinarians seeking to know more about urinalysis, as well as by veterinary laboratory technicians. Several sections of this book will be useful in the teaching of basic concepts to veterinary students.

The authors have also included:

  • An introduction to the philosophy of urinalysis and the detailed information about collection of urine from dogs and cats.
  • Comprehensive explorations of urine sample handling, preparation, and analysis.
  • Detailed aspects of USG as the most important physical property of canine and feline urine
  • In-depth discussions of urine chemistry dipstrip evaluation for pH, protein, occult blood, glucose, ketones, and bilirubin.
  • Extensive detailing of urinary sediment microscopy.
  • Sections on FAQ and urinalysis case examples allow the reader to test their knowledge about urinalysis.

Urinalysis in the Dog and Cat is an essential reference for primary care veterinarians, veterinary technicians, veterinary students, those in advanced training programs, and specialists interested in learning more about disorders of the urinary tract.

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