Urological Disorders of the Dog and Cat: Investigation, Diagnosis, Treatment

Urological Disorders Of The Dog And Cat Pdf

By Peter E Holt, Alasdair Hotson-Moore

Urological Disorders of the Dog and Cat. This book provides veterinary practitioners and trainees with a concise, systematic guide to urological disorders affecting dogs and cats. The author focuses first on assessment of the patient and the main investigative techniques to reach a diagnosis. He then deals with the differential diagnosis, causes and treatment of conditions ranging from prostate disorders and trauma to all types of urinary incontinence, including urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence. The book is fully referenced and illustrated throughout by color photographs, imaging, and diagrams of the highest quality.

Table of Contents

Investigation of animals with urological signs
Clinical assessment
Radiographic investigations, Plain films, Intravenous urography, Retrograde, positive contrast vagino urethrography, Retrograde positive contrast urethography, Cystography
Other diagnostic aids, Ultrasonograpy, Urethral catheterisation, Centesis, Cytology, Biopsy techniques, Blood and urine analyses, Urodynamics, Endoscopy

Differential diagnosis and treatment
Non-prostatic dysuria
Prostatic disorders
Urinary tract trauma
Other causes of haematuria
Urinary incontinence, Urinary Incontinence in Juvenile Animals, Urinary Incontinence in Adult Animals, Urethral sphincter mechanism incompetence

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