The Innate Immune Response to Noninfectious Stressors, Human and Animal Models

The Innate Immune Response To Noninfectious Stressors, Human And Animal Models Pdf

By Massimo Amadori

The Innate Immune Response to Non-infectious Stressors: Human and Animal Models PDF highlights fundamental mechanisms of stress response and important findings on how the immune system is affected, and in turn affects such a response. In addition, this book covers the crucial link between stress response and energy metabolism, prompts a re-appraisal of some crucial issues, and helps to define research priorities in this fascinating, somehow elusive field of investigation.

  • Provides insights into the fundamental homeostatic processes vis-à-vis stressors to help in investigation
  • Illustrates the depicted tenets and how to offset them against established models of response to physical and psychotic stressors in both animals and humans
  • Covers the crucial issue of the immune response to endocrine disruptors
  • Includes immunological parameters as reporter system of environmental adaptation
  • Provides many illustrative examples to foster reader understanding

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Table of Contents

1. An overview of the innate immune response to infectious and non-infectious stressors.
2. Homeostatic inflammation as environmental adaptation strategy.
3. The molecular basis of the immune response to stressed cells and tissues.
4. Modulation of innate immunity by hypoxia.
5. Metabolic stress, heat shock proteins and innate immune response.
6. Innate immune response and cancer metastasis.
7. Innate immune response and psychotic disorders.
8. Modulation of the interferon response by environmental, non-infectious stressors.
9. Disease-predicting and prognostic potential of innate immune responses to non-infectious stressors: human and animal models.

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