The Clinical Chemistry of Laboratory Animals, 3rd Edition

  • Serves as the detailed, authoritative source of the clinical chemistry of the most commonly used laboratory animals
  • Includes detailed chapters dedicated to descriptions of clinical chemistry-related topics specific to each laboratory species as well as organ/class-specific chapters
  • Presents information regarding evaluation and interpretation of a variety of individual clinical chemistry end points
  • Concludes with detailed chapters dedicated to descriptions of statistical analyses and biomarker development of clinical chemistry-related topics
  • Provides extensive reference lists at the end of each chapter to facilitate further study

Extensively updated and expanded since the publication of Walter F. Loeb and Fred W. Quimby’s second edition in 1999, the new The Clinical Chemistry of Laboratory Animals, Third Edition continues as the most comprehensive reference on in vivo animal studies. By organizing the book into species- and organ/class-specific chapters, this book provides information to enable a conceptual understanding of clinical chemistry across laboratory species as well as information on evaluation and interpretation of clinical chemistry data relevant to specific organ systems.

Now sponsored by the American College of Laboratory Animal Medicine (ACLAM), this well-respected resource includes chapters on multiple laboratory species and provides pertinent information on their unique physiological characteristics, methods for sample collection, and preanalytical sources of variation for the particular species. Basic methodology for common procedures for each species is also discussed.

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