Small-Animal Spect Imaging

Small-Animal Spect Imaging pdf

By Matthew A. Kupinski and Harrison H. Barrett

Small-Animal SPECT Imaging PDF offers a comprehensive overview of the cutting edge imaging tool that can aid in drug development, drug research, molecular imaging, and imaging science. It represents contributions of the world’s leading researchers in small-animal SPECT imaging, providing coverage from the basic physics of SPECT imaging to animal studies. Important integrated sections on animal handling, image quality assessment, and reconstruction algorithms are included, allowing its audience to design and run their own studies.

  • Scintillation and semiconductor detector technologies
  • Digital signal processing techniques
  • System modeling and reconstruction algorithms
  • Animal monitoring and handling, including anesthesia issues
  • Applications of small-animal imaging
  • Detailed sections on animal handling, image assessment, and reconstruction algorithms -allow readers to implement their own tailored studies

Small-Animal SPECT Imaging is aimed at researchers performing imaging to study the effects of drugs, molecular agents, and treatments, including molecular imaging scientists, imaging scientists; nuclear medicine researchers, and all those interested in the application of SPECT systems in the areas of cancer research, cardiovascular research, and gene therapy

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Table of Contents

Front Matter

Biomedical Significance of Small-Animal Imaging

Detectors for Small-Animal SPECT I

Detectors for Small-Animal SPECT II

The Animal in Animal Imaging

Objective Assessment of Image Quality

SPECT Imager Design and Data-Acquisition Systems

Computational Algorithms in Small-Animal Imaging

Reconstruction Algorithm with Resolution Deconvolution in a Small-Animal PET Imager

Estimates of Axial and Transaxial Resolution for One-, Two-, and Three-Camera Helical Pinhole SPECT

Pinhole Aperture Design for Small-Animal Imaging

Comparison of CsI(Ti) and Scintillating Plastic in a Multi-Pinhole/CCD-Based Gamma Camera for Small-Animal Low-Energy SPECT

Calibration of Scintillation Cameras and Pinhole SPECT Imaging Systems

Imaging Dopamine Transporters in a Mouse Brain with Single-Pinhole SPECT

A Micro-SPECT/CT System for Imaging of AA-Amyloidosis in Mice

Feasibility of Micro-SPECT/CT Imaging of Atherosclerotic Plaques in a Transgenic Mouse Model

Effect of Respiratory Motion on Plaque Imaging in the Mouse Using Tc-99m Labeled Annexin-V

Calibration and Performance of the Fully Engineered YAP-(S)PET Scanner for Small Rodents

A Small-Animal SPECT Imaging System Utilizing Position Tracking of Unanesthetized Mice

A Multidetector High-Resolution SPECT/CT Scanner with Continuous Scanning Capability

High-Resolution Multi-Pinhole Imaging Using Silicon Detectors

Development and Characterization of a High-Resolution MicroSPECT System for Small-Animal Imaging

High-Resolution Radionuclide Imaging Using Focusing Gamma-Ray Optics

SPECT/Micro-CT Imaging of Bronchial Angiogenesis in a Rat

Projection and Pinhole-Based Data Acquisition for Small-Animal SPECT Using Storage Phosphor Technology

Cardiac Pinhole-Gated SPECT in Small Animals

Back Matter

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