Small Animal Medical Diagnosis 3rd Edition PDF Download.

Small Animal Medical Differential Diagnosis 3rd Edition

Small Animal Medical Diagnosis 3rd Edition PDF

By Michael D. Lorenz , T. Mark Neer , Paul DeMars

Small Animal Medical Diagnosis 3rd Edition PDF takes a problem-oriented approach to clinical diagnosis and outlines core information necessary to effectively evaluate the major medical problems in dogs and cats. The text starts by defining problems caused by disease and proceeds to integrate the history, physical examination, and diagnostic modalities into a logical approach designed to assist with the medical management of patients. The new edition continues to serve as a vital tool in accurate and appropriate diagnosis for small animal veterinarians, emergency and critical care veterinarians, and veterinary students.

Table of Contents

Contributors xiii

Preface xv

1. The Problem-Oriented Approach 3
Michael D. Lorenz

Part One General (Polysystemic) Problems

2. Pyrexia (Fever) 15
Emily L. Medici and Michael D. Lorenz

3. Disturbances of Food Intake: Anorexia and Polyphagia 22
Michael D. Lorenz and Paul L. DeMars

4. Episodic Weakness 31
Michael D. Lorenz

5. Polyuria and Polydipsia 36
Justin D. Thomason and John P. Hoover

Part Two Behavioral Problems

6. Aggression 45
Paul L. DeMars

7. Fear, Anxiety, and Compulsive Behavior 48
Paul L. DeMars

Part Three Conformational Problems

8. Ascites, Peripheral Edema, and Abdominal Distention 53
T. Mark Neer

9. Retarded Growth 62
Michael D. Lorenz

10. Changes in Body Weight: Weight Loss and Obesity 68
Paul L. DeMars

Part Four Dermatologic Problems

11. Pruritus 77
Michael D. Lorenz

12. Primary and Secondary Skin Lesions 82
Michael D. Lorenz

13. Alopecia 87
Michael D. Lorenz

14. Disorders of Pigmentation 93
Michael D. Lorenz

Part Five Hematolymphatic Problems

15. Bleeding Disorders 101
James H. Meinkoth and Michael D. Lorenz

16. Lymphadenopathy 110
Michael D. Lorenz

Part Six Cardiovascular Problems

17. Disturbances of Heart Rate, Rhythm, and Pulse 115
Nicole Ponzio

18. Murmurs and Abnormal Heart Sounds 134
Nicole Ponzio

19. Abnormal Mucous Membranes 151
Jennifer L. Peters

Part Seven Respiratory Problems

20. Coughing and Hemoptysis 159
Justin D. Thomason and John P. Hoover

21. Respiratory Distress and Cyanosis 166
Justin D. Thomason and John P. Hoover

22. Syncope 173
Justin D. Thomason and John P. Hoover

23. Abnormal Lung Sounds 179
Justin D. Thomason and John P. Hoover

24. Sneezing and Nasal Discharge 183
Jennifer L. Peters

Part Eight Digestive Problems

25. Ptyalism 197
Jill D. Brunker

26. Dysphagia 202
Jill D. Brunker

27. Regurgitation and Vomiting 207
Jill D. Brunker

28. Diarrhea 213
Jill D. Brunker

29. Constipation and Flatulence 226
Michael D. Lorenz

30. Abdominal Pain 231
Kristy Broaddus

31. Icterus 235
T. Mark Neer

Part Nine Urologic Problems

32. Abnormal Micturition: Dysuria, Pollakiuria, and Stranguria 255
Paul L. DeMars

33. Discolored Urine 258
Mary H. Bowles and Michael D. Lorenz

34. Urinary Incontinence 274
Mary H. Bowles

Part Ten Reproductive Problems

35. Vaginal and Preputial Discharge 287
Charles C. Broaddus and G. Reed Holyoak

36. Abnormalities of the External Genitalia 293
Chris Schreiber and Gregor L. Morgan

37. Abortion, Abnormal Estrous Cycle, and Infertility 301
G. Reed Holyoak, Chelsea Makloski, and Gregor L. Morgan

Part Eleven Musculoskeletal Problems

38. Lameness 319
T. Mark Neer

39. Bone, Joint, and Periskeletal Swelling 327
Jude Bordelon

40. Nociception (“Pain”) 336
Michael D. Lorenz and Marjorie E. Gross

Part Twelve Neurologic Problems

41. Paresis or Paralysis 345
T. Mark Neer

42. Ataxia 357
T. Mark Neer

43. Head Tilt 362
T. Mark Neer

44. Collapse (Seizures, Syncope, Cataplexy, and Narcolepsy) 369
T. Mark Neer

45. Stupor and Coma 377
T. Mark Neer

Part Thirteen Special Sensation Problems

46. Blindness 385
Michael D. Lorenz and Margi A. Gilmour

47. Anisocoria 390
Margi A. Gilmour

48. Nystagmus and Strabismus 396
Michael D. Lorenz

49. Loss of Corneal Transparency 400
Margi A. Gilmour

50. Abnormal Anterior Chamber 406
Margi A. Gilmour

51. Abnormal Lens 412
Margi A. Gilmour

52. Anosmia—Loss of Olfaction 417
Michael D. Lorenz

53. Deafness 420
Michael D. Lorenz

Part Fourteen Laboratory-Defined Problems

54. Hematologic Problems 427
Robin W. Allison

55. Abnormalities of the Standard Biochemical Profile 438
Robin W. Allison, James H. Meinkoth, and Theresa E. Rizzi

56. Problems Identified on Urinalysis 461
James H. Meinkoth

57. Abnormal Blood pH, Anion Gap, and Blood Gases 474
Theresa E. Rizzi

Index 483

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