Sheep Flock Health: A Planned Approach

Sheep Flock Health: A Planned Approach

By Neil Sargison

Sheep Flock Health: A Planned Approach PDF is a practical guide to the diagnosis and management of production limiting diseases in sheep. The problem-based approach helps both farmers and veterinary practitioners identify health problems. The focus is on good management practices to prevent disease in the first place and to optimise production.

  • Adopts a practical, problem-based approach to all round sheep flock health.
  • Focuses on the achievement and maintenance of optimal productivity, rather than on a catalogue of individual diseases of sheep.
  • Written by an expert with a strong international reputation.
  • Suitable not only for veterinarians and veterinary students, but also progressive sheep farmers.
Table of Contents



1. The Lambing Percentage.


The Mating Period.

Mid To Late Pregnancy (Abortion).

2. Lamb Growth.

Investigation of Ill Thrift in Weaned Lambs.

Parasitic Gastroenteritis.

Cestode Parasites.

Liver Fluke.

Ill Thrift Due to Trace Element Deficiencies.

Ill Thrift Associated With Chronic Disease.

3. Unexpected Disease or Death.


Sudden Death in Store Lambs.

Poisonous Plants.

Common Mineral and Inorganic Poisonings.


Clostridial Diseases.

4. Ill Thrift in Adult Sheep.


Specific Causes of Ill Thrift in Adult Sheep.

5. Lameness.

Diseases of the Foot.

Lameness Not Caused By Foot Problems.

6. Neurological Diseases.


Neurological Diseases Causing Cerebral Lesions.

Neurological Diseases Causing Cerebellar Lesions.

Neurological Diseases Causing Vestibular Lesions.

Neurological Diseases Causing Brainstem Lesions.

Neurological Diseases Causing Spinal Cord Lesions.

Diseases Of The Peripheral Nerves.

7. Skin and Eye Diseases.


Ectoparasitic Skin Diseases.

Non-Parasitic Skin Diseases.

Eye Diseases.

Appendix A: Exotic and Notifiable Diseases.

Appendix B: Overview of the Structure and Economics of the UK Sheep Industry.


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