Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Mammals

Reproductive pathology of domestic mammals pdf download

By Kenneth McEntee

Reproductive Pathology of Domestic Mammals PDF is evolved from a series of lectures and laboratories given by Dr. Kenneth McEntee to students at Cornell University, the University of Illinois, and Tufts University and is based on tissues from over 20,000 cases of reproductive disease in the International Registry of Reproductive Pathology, founded by Dr. McEntee. Dr. McEntee brings into sharp focus what is known of reproductive pathology in North America and abroad. His book will be an invaluable text and reference for those working on the diagnosis, prevention, and treatment of reproductive failures of all kinds.

  • The only comprehensive text on reproductive pathology of domestic mammals
  • Based on pathologic examination of more than 20,000 cases of reproductive disease
  • Covers clinical aspects of disease and associated lesions
  • Extensive reference list includes citations in twelve languages

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Table of Contents

Embryology of the Reproductive Organs.
The Ovary.
Cysts in and around the Ovary.
Ovarian Neoplasms.
The Uterine Tube.
The Uterus: Anatomy.
The Uterus: Congenital Anomalies.
The Uterus: Normal Postpartum Involution.
The Uterus: Degenerative and Inflammatory Lesions.
The Uterus: Atrophic, Metaplastic, and Proliferative Lesions.
Cervix, Vagina, and Vulva.
Scrotum and Testis: Anatomy and Congenital Anomalies.
Scrotum, Spermatic Cord and Testis: Degenerative and Inflammatory Lesions.
Scrotum, Spermatic Cord, and Testis: Proliferative Lesions.
Efferent Ductules, Epididymis, and Deferent Duct.
Bulbourethral, Vesicular, and Prostate Glands.
Penis and Prepuce.
Each chapter includes references.

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