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By Ruma Banerjee , Donald Becker , Martin Dickman , Vadim Gladyshev , Stephen Ragsdale

Redox Biochemistry PDF Book is the premier, single-source reference on redox biochemistry, a rapidly emerging field. This reference presents the basic principles and includes detailed chapters focusing on various aspects of five primary areas of redox biochemistry: antioxidant molecules and redox cofactors; antioxidant enzymes; redox regulation of physiological processes; pathological processes related to redox; and specialized methods. This is a go-to resource for professionals in pharmaceuticals, medicine, immunology, nutrition, and environmental fields and an excellent text for upper-level students.
  • richly illustrated, with full color throughout
  • Provides numerous formulas, figures, and tables, and references to related resources
  • Chapters focus on various aspects of five primary areas of redox biochemistry (Antioxidant molecules and redox cofactors; Antioxidant enzymes; Redox regulation of physiological processes; Pathological processes related to redo; and Specialized methods)
  • Spans a wide range of topics, including redox enzymology, mycobacterial drug targets, immunology, neurophysiology and oxygen sensing, electrophysiology of macrophage activation, circadian rhythms, and many more
  • Includes an FTP site for instructors (website has power point slides of all images used in text)
Table of Contents

Redox Biochemistry PDF Book Contents


List of Abbreviations.


1. Redox Metabolism and Life (Ruma Banerjee)

2. Antioxidant Molecules and Redox Cofactors (Donald Becker)

3. Antioxidant Enzymes (Vadim Gladyshev)

4. Redox Regulation of Physiological Processes (Martin Dickman)

5. Pathological Processes Related to Redox (Ruma Banerjee)

6. Specialized Methods (Stephen Ragsdale)

7. Index.

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