Rabies, Scientific Basis of the Disease and Its Management, 4th Edition


Rabies, Scientific Basis of the Disease and Its Management, 4th Edition

Rabies, Scientific Basis Of The Disease And Its Management, 4Th Edition

By Anthony Fooks and Alan Jackson

Rabies, Scientific Basis of the Disease and Its Management, 4th Edition PDF is an authoritative reference on the current status of rabies, including the virological, clinical, and public health aspects and management recommendations. Rabies remains one of the most important global public health problems worldwide. Although many important developments have been made over the past century to combat this disease, rabies has become a re-emergent infection in the resource-constrained countries. The Fourth Edition updates this classic reference with comprehensive coverage of the molecular virology, pathogenesis, immunology, vaccines, public health aspects, and epidemiology of rabies and is completely revised, with new chapters that will cover historical developments in rabies intervention strategies, the evolution of rabies virus, modeling rabies control, and on the strategy for rabies elimination. Rabies, Fourth Edition, provides physicians, veterinarians, public health advisors, epidemiologists, and research scientists with a single source for authoritative and up-to-date information on the diagnosis, treatment, control, and prevention of this fatal infectious virus.

  • Edited by renowned researchers in this subject and has gathered a team of experts to detail the science, treatment, and control of rabies
  • Completely revised, the Fourth Edition presents rabies as a re-emergent infection with emphasis on a global perspective of the disease
  • Includes new chapters the evolution of the rabies virus and on modeling rabies control and includes many full-color figures that highlight important information
Table of Contents

1. A history of rabies – The foundation for global canine rabies elimination
2. Rabies virus
3. Evolution of rabies virus
4. Epidemiology
5. Molecular epidemiology
6. Rabies in terrestrial animals
7. Bat rabies
8. Human disease
9. Pathogenesis
10. Pathology
11. Immunology
12. Laboratory diagnosis of rabies
13. Measures of rabies immunity
14. Human and animal vaccines
15. Next generation of rabies vaccines
16. Public health management of humans at risk
17. Therapy of human rabies
18. Dog rabies and its control
19. Rabies control in wild carnivores
20. Modeling canine rabies virus transmission dynamics
21. Strategies for the elimination of dog-mediated human rabies by 2030
22. Future developments and challenges

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