Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals 5th Edition


Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals 5th Edition

Pathogenesis Of Bacterial Infections In Animals 5Th Edition Pdf Download

By John F. Prescott, Janet I. MacInnes, Filip Van Immerseel, John D. Boyce, Andrew N. Rycroft and José A. Vázquez-Boland

Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals 5th Edition PDF is a specialist reference that provides a comprehensive review of bacterial pathogens in animals and their complex interplay with disease processes, offering a complete understanding of how bacteria cause disease in animals. It covers the many recent advances in the field including the newest taxonomies. In this revised and long anticipated fifth edition, additional introductory chapters have been added to set the material in context, and more figures added to integrate and improve understanding and comprehension throughout the text. A companion website presents the figures from the book in PowerPoint and references.

This detailed reference includes novel approaches to controlling bacterial pathogens in the light of growing concerns about antimicrobial resistance, with more than 70 expert authors sharing their wisdom on the topic. While molecular pathogenesis is a major aspect in almost every chapter, the authors have been careful to place pathogens in their broader context.

Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals, Fifth Edition also contains information on:

  • Themes in bacterial pathogenesis, covering the basic elements of pathogenesis, concepts of virulence, host-pathogen interactions and communication, and pathogenesis in the post-genomic era
  • Evolution of bacterial pathogens, covering what they are and how they emerge, along with sources of genetic diversity, population structure, and genome plasticity
  • Understanding of pathogenesis through pathogenomics and bioinformatics, including how mutations generate pathogen diversity, and an overview of genome sequencing technologies
  • Subversion of the immune response by bacterial pathogens, covering subversion of both innate responses and adaptive immunity

Pathogenesis of Bacterial Infections in Animals, Fifth Edition is an essential resource for graduate students in veterinary medicine and animal science, and for veterinary microbiologists, pathologists, infectious disease experts, and others interested in bacterial disease. It is the only book to cover this topic to this depth through the wealth of insight of dozens of qualified and practicing professionals.

Table of Contents

Preface xv
List of Contributors xvii
About the Companion Website

1 Themes in Bacterial Pathogenesis

2 Evolution of Bacterial Pathogens

3 Understanding Pathogenesis Through Pathogenomics and Bioinformatics

4 Experimental Approaches to Understanding Pathogenesis

5 Subversion of the Immune Response by Bacterial Pathogens

6 Chinks in the Armor

7 Escherichia coli

8 Salmonella

9 Yersinia

10 Pasteurella

11 Mannheimia and Bibersteinia

12 Actinobacillus

13 Other Pasteurellaceae: Avibacterium, Bibersteinia, Gallibacterium, Glaesserella, and Histophilus

14 Pseudomonas

15 Moraxella

16 Brucella

17 Bordetella

18 Campylobacter

19 Helicobacter

20 Chlamydia and Coxiella

21 Rickettsiales

22 Lawsonia intracellularis

23 Leptospira

24 Brachyspira

25 Staphylococcus

26 Streptococcus

27 Bacillus anthracis

28 Enteric Clostridia

29 Histotoxic Clostridia

30 Neurotoxic Clostridia

31 Mycoplasmas

32 Corynebacterium, Arcanobacterium, and Trueperella

33 Rhodococcus equi

34 Mycobacterium

35 Gram-Negative Anaerobes


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