Poultry Production in Hot-Climates 2nd edition

By N. J. Daghir

Poultry Production in Hot-Climates 2nd edition PDF. The poultry industry continues to expand in the warm regions of the world at a much faster rate than in temperate zones. Not only can it be quickly and easily developed in these hot climates but poultry meat and eggs can serve as important sources of animal protein in those areas of the world that have protein insufficiency.

Fully revised and updated, this new edition describes how the detrimental effects of heat stress can be reduced through the manipulation of housing, breeding, nutrition and management, and includes new contributions on controlled-environment housing, waterfowl, and breeding fast-growing broilers.

Table of Contents

Present Status and Future of the Poultry Industry in Hot Regions

Breeding for Resistance to Heat Stress

Breeding Fast-Growing, High-Yield Broilers for Hot Conditions

Behavioural, Physiological, Neuroendocrine and Molecular Responses to Heat Stress

Poultry Housing for Hot Climates.

Nutrient Requirements of Poultry at High Temperatures

Feedstuffs Used in Hot Regions

Mycotoxins in Poultry Feeds

Broiler Feeding and Management in Hot Climates

Replacement Pullet and Layer Feeding and Management in Hot Climates

Breeder and Hatchery Management in Hot Climates

Waterfowl Production in Hot Climates

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