Poultry Feathers and Skin: The Poultry Integument in Health and Welfare

Poultry Feathers And Skin: The Poultry Integument In Health And Welfare

By Oluyinka A. Olukosi, Victor E. Olori, Ariane Helmbrecht, Sarah Lambton and Nick A. French
Poultry Feathers and Skin: The Poultry Integument in Health and Welfare PDF. Poultry Feathers and Skin, The Poultry Integument in Health and Welfare contains chapters that discuss the natural engineering and multifunctionality of feathers, embryonic development of the avian integument, the reasons and welfare implications of feather pecking in laying hens, genetic solutions to reduce injurious pecking in laying hens, evidence-based management of injurious pecking, contact dermatitis in domestic poultry, the poultry integument in health and disease, genetics of feather pigmentation and chicken plumage colouration, genetics and breeding aspects of feather coverage and their effects on performance in broilers, the genetics of contact dermatitis in poultry, effects of nutritional interventions on feathering of poultry, effect of nutrition on gut health and maintenance and its impact on the integument integrity, management practices to prevent abnormal feather loss in broiler breeders and business opportunities with the integument. This book is intended for both the poultry industry and for researchers in animal science and welfare at undergraduate and graduate levels.


Table of Contents

Table of contents

Part I: About the Feather and Its Development

1: The Feather, a Triumph of Natural Engineering and Multifunctionality

2: Embryonic Development of the Avian Integument

Part II: Health and Welfare

3: Feather Pecking in Laying Hens: Why They Do It, and Welfare Implications

4: Genetic Solutions to Reduce Injurious Pecking in Laying Hens

5: Evidence-based Management of Injurious Pecking

6: Contact Dermatitis in Domestic Poultry

7: The Poultry Integument in Health and Disease

Part III: Genetics

8: Genetics of Feather Pigmentation and Chicken Plumage Colouration

9: Genetics and Breeding Aspects of Feather Coverage and Their Effects on Performance in Broilers

10: The Genetics of Contact Dermatitis in Poultry

Part IV: Nutrition and Management

11: Effects of Nutritional Interventions on Feathering of Poultry – a Review

12: Strengthening the Inside: Effect of Nutrition on Gut Health and Maintenance and Its Impact on the Integument Integrity

13: Management Practices to Prevent Abnormal Feather Loss in Broiler Breeders

14: Business Opportunities with the Integument

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